Parking Challenge

Are You Up - Ready to Climb UP - for the Challenge?

FIT Group Parking Challenge:

It's no secret we have a parking challenge on our hands. It's one of those positive issues that tags along with productivity. And Leslie Day-Harrell does a fantastic job on assimilation and communicating the current needs.

Having said that, allow me to pose a question pertaining to the issue at hand: What if you could get paid for burning calories? Is it indeed possible to "go up", tone up and make your body fat go down at the same time?

We are glad you asked! Yes it is! We present to you one of the spring / summer FIT Group Challenges: the Lower-Lower Parking Lot Challenge.

All you have to do is park in the DeVry parking lot and you will receive $1 per day for doing so. For your convenience, there is a trail leading from the lot to wooden stairs, and the wooden stairs lead to the lower lot. If you accept this challenge you will receive parking tokens to deposit into a meter that will validate your parking in the lower-lower lot.

As inspiration for the incentive, your reward will come in the form of either Ciao bucks or Coliseum cash. This challenge is open for the 1st 20 associates that respond via email and say, "I'm In." It starts now and does not have an end date as of yet.

Look at this challenge as a way of accomplishing the transference to a "compact" physique!

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