The American Revolution

By: Autumn Redmon Mr. Visco 5th period APLAC

African Americans During The American revolution

They had no rights but, the British convinced them the would have rights if they fought with them on their side in the army. Over 100,000 African Americans died during the revolution.
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Role of women during the revolution

  • Unmarried women had the right to hold property while married women could have property as well but, their husbands would take it over for them.
  • Women were expected to clean and cook and take care of children not hold high important positions in office
  • Could not vote either
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Clothing Of The Revolution

British wore red to know how to identity each other and minute men and colonials wore brown khaki like which was hand made. Also if you were a richer colonial man you would wear stylish fur coats and powered Whigs. While not as rich men wore Men wore pants stockings, a cotton shirt, a vest, and tricorn hat

Women wore long dresses with a apron and bonnet.

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The Boston massacre

The Boston massacre occurred in March 5th 1770, with Crispus Attucks as the first to die he was African American, the British troops outraged and killed over 10 people what a "massacre"
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Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea party was where Sam Adams and the sons of liberty boarded 3 ships and over threw 242 carts of tea because of the taxes on it December 16 1773
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