Potty up!

How to begin potty training?

Signs of Readiness:

  • There a turd in my underwear.
  • Ran Around Naked for a Day.
  • I pull down my own pant... In Public!
  • i pee on the potty.
  • I flush the toilet today... 16 times!
  • Has dry diapers for up to two hours!

Parental reason for beginning toilet training.

  • parent would have time their own.
  • Want have difficult when heading too preschool.

Optimal time?

Most children are ready to start when they are between 22 and 30 months of age, but every child is different. Before they must able control their bowel and bladder muscle. Even having dry diaper after a 2 hour or more nap. Children will able say their self he or she are "Big Girl" or "Big Boy".


bladder control as your little one's ability to recognize signs that urination is imminent, take himself to the bathroom, undress, sit on the potty, go and then get cleaned up and dressed, obviously bladder control isn't achieved by infants. But if you define it as the ability to go on demand and to hold urine for a very short time, you might be able to bladder train an infant.