Weekly Message

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5~ 8.31.15

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William Perry's Smoky Mountain Presention

Shout out to William in Ms. Hick's class. He prepared a presentation on his family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. William did a fine job and presented a wealth of knowledge to his classmates. He was both entertaining and enthusiastic! Way to go Ms. Hicks for the assignment and William for doing a GREAT job!
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Hey everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! We've got a very busy week ahead of us!

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Reading Mastery and Interventions

  • Ann Ganzert, Reading Mastery Consultant will be with us all day today and most of the day tomorrow. This is your time to ask any questions you may have
  • Afternoon interventions are going well. Remember, once we get some data, we will move on to phase 2.
  • Please remind students that they should be quiet and not run during Reading Mastery transition time. We want them to dance to their location but also be safe.

Mastery Connect Training

Don't forget the trainings this week and next week and the faculty meeting of teachers only today.

Cell Phone Usage...

Please monitor your cell phone use when students are present. I don't want to say do not use them at all but it should be VERY MINIMAL. Also, try to not post things on Facebook during work hours. It's not a good look... Thank you in advance for watching this closely...

School Board Meetings

It is not mandatory that you attend these, but I'd like to see a great representation from Stigall. Our Central Office and Dr. Hamlett needs our encouragement and support during these meetings. I'm most certain that she would love to see your smiling faces there. Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 10, starting at 6:30 in the Humboldt Jr/Sr High School Library. Thank you in advance!

Updated Stigall Calendar

For those of you who haven't seen this....

Here are the latest updated calendars. Please read this CLOSELY!

Link 1: Click this link just to view the calendar in a web browser and print it if you’d like to


Link 2: Click this link if you’d like to download this calendar to your Microsoft Outlook account/app (EMAIL) on your computer or laptop. This calendar will also sync with your cell phone’s calendar. Once you click the link below, it will download. Click on the download and it will open in you Microsoft Outlook. The icon for Outlook on your computer should look like this or this


Please delete or discard all other versions of this calendar that you may have. Also check all of your dates to make sure they align with this calendar. If you need help let me know.

New Schedule for Nurse Stacey

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Grandparents Day Luncheon

The cutoff for money will be this Friday. We have not sent out a lunch schedule yet because we do not have very many people signed up to come. Once we get a number, we will altar the lunch schedule as needed.

Just hold on.... We've got a long weekend coming up!!!!