Apps for k-12 students

EDU 210

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This app is a interactive whitebaord and a screencasting tool. it allows students and teacher to add voice and annoate almost any content and then share it.

Firstly, this app can be used by teachers to create a classroom that students can join; the teacher can explain lessons and concepts and then share it with their students inorder to give students access to content wherever and whenever they want. This allows for flexible learning. Secondly, teachers can ask students to explain a concept and share it with their classmates. This allows teachers to assess understanding and students to enagae and interact with the content and one another.

One great thing about this app is that if students dont have access to an iPad they can access lesson on the Educreations website.


Using this app you can create a electronic storybook. you can add text, your own illustrattoions, and voice.

This app would be great to use in an English class. the teacher could give an assignment where the students have to create a story, poem or even essay using the app. This allows for the use of technology to enhance learning as it provides a new and creative way students can apply their knowledge.

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Quizlet allows you to make digital flashcards.

This app can be used by studdents in all grades and all subjects to study. For example, an elemenatry student can create flashcards of the multiplication table in order to memorize. it can also be used by a highschool chemistry student to memorize chemical reactions. this app studetns to review concepts and study on the go.

Word Lens

Word lens allows you to translate words from on language to another using text or by taking a picture of what you want to be translated.

This tool can be used in language classroom (French, Spanish, etc) to help students learn words and phrases in a given language. It can also be used as a tool (ATL) to aid students who may not know English to translate words into their language.

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This app allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

It can be used in the classroom by asking students to answer a few problems in group or individually after a concept is taught. It can also be used at home as practice for students to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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