Child Labor

Hershey is Using Child Labor in West Africa

The Children in West Africa

The company Hershey's is using child labor in West Africa to make the chocolate that you probably eat. Even though there was a law suit filled against Hershey's, there wasn't much changes that have been known of. Most of the children working on the cocoa farms are ages 11-16 and sometimes even younger. The children have to go through with being trafficked, abused and kidnaped at least once a month. The amount of children working has gone up about 51% since 2009, but some people have seen a decrease in some areas too becuase there are groups savin children. You may be wondering "how do these children are brought into child labor?" Well there are many ways how. Most of the time the parents get tricked into giving there child to a company. Another way is that the parents might not have money so they have to sell there child for less than $30. Once the family is in debt they will always be in debt because it will just get past on through the families blood line.

Hegens Berman

Hegens Berman filed a law suit against the Hershey's company. He said that Hershey's was tricking a lot of people by thinking that they were a fair trade. The reason why he sued Hershey's was because he thinks that children shouldn't be traded like slaves, and he thinks that child labor should be stopped as soon as possible. After filing the law suit Hegens wishes that the company would have done more. He is glad that children are being saved from child labor but he wishes that Hershey's would consider becoming fair trade.

Working in cocoa fields at 10 (16/01/2012)

Here are some ways to help the children!

We can help by supporting groups. By groups I mean groups that are supporting fair trad and willing to change the world all to fair trade. Lots of groups believe that Hershey's needs to become a fair trad company and support those that want it too. Hershey's said that by 2020 they would start believing in fair trade companies. Another thing you can do is to get more information about find out more by Hegens Berman. Another inspiring way to help fight against child labor is to write a letter to the company, but if you don't make it very inspirational the company will throw it away, and it has been proven that they have done that before.


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