2nd Hand News

January 4-8


Happy New Year! 2nd grade got its groove back after a nice break for the holidays. We refreshed subtraction with regrouping, and are beginning to combine it with addition with regrouping. This prompts 2nd graders to "switch gears" with the regrouping process. The spelling rule this week was compound words. The search for reversible compound words resulted in the contributions of oversleep/sleepover and songbird/birdsong. Perhaps we can think of others!

The big news is that the 2nd Hand Players received their parts and scripts for our January 29th production. The actors are responsible for memorizing their lines and song parts this week. We have had a great start and the kids should be bringing their scripts home every night AND back to school every day. There are extra scripts to borrow at school, but they can't be highlighted with specific parts. Information about costumes and set production help will follow soon!

Since we need to spend most of our efforts on reading and learning the script, homework this week (in addition to memorizing lines) will be spelling activities, with a pretest on Wednesday and the test on Thursday.


  • Please check the weather and send hats/coats/gloves accordingly for outdoor recess.
  • Sports Day will be January 22nd. Wear your favorite team jersey or your own uniform.

Thank you again for the wonderful holiday gifts, I appreciated all of them. I hope that my thank you note reached you if I didn't get a chance to hand it to you personally!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce