by: Dalton .F

Why are some of the gods important to the aztec people?

Most of the gods have farming powers . They had farming powers because the Aztecs were farmers. For example the Mexican god has farming powers . also there is a god called Patecatl who has sun the powers to heal.

Citation:, Aztec gods. Web. 27 Aug. 2015. The most important god has a power of sun. I believe he has the power of sun because as the Aztecs are farmers, plants need water. For example sun gives the plants energy to make food , also the plants may be food and that’s how they eat.

Citation: "The aztec gods." Aztec god. n.p., Web. 26 Aug. 2015 There is a god for just about everything . This is because the gods do everything so they have a god for everything. For example they think stars are the children of the sun god so there technically gods, to them.There is also a god of drought. (we all know there is only one god, the real one. ) Citation Aztec gods. Web. 27 Aug. 2015.