Land of Enchantment


Mexico is a great place and you should visit it.They also make great tacos.The capital of Mexico is Mexico city.Mexico has the population of 122.3 million last checked. . Mexico government is democratic republic. Mexico total area is 742,485 sq mi. Mexican money is called a peso. Also Mexico Biome is tropical dry forest. Mexico tourist attractions are Acapulco,Guanajuato ,and Tulum. Mexico independence day is on September 16 .

Mexican Flag

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This is Mexico city the capital of Mexico

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Mexico biome

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Tourist destinations

Mexico's facts

Mexico has 68 national languages. Mexico has the largest pyramid in the world . Mexico's official name is United Mexican States. Mexico's 34th President ruled for less than an hour and then quit. Also mexico is the fattest country

Typical Wildlife

Mexico Peso

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