Educational Services 2020-21 Update

For Our Community Partners

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To view the report- Enhancing Special Education Services in Our District- click on the link below:

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Educational Services Staff 2020-2021

Darlene Scarlett- Principal of Educational Services

Karen Leggett- Vice Principal of Educational Services

Laura Conboy-Mental Health Lead

Lynne Rousseau-Educational Services & Safe Schools Liaison

Joseph Hamilton-Assistive Technology Resource Teacher

Jessi Lalonde-Assistive Technology Resource Teacher

Eva Carlin- Hearing Support Teacher and Accessibility Lead

Brian Smith- Resource teacher for Blind/Low vision

Donna Abbink-Transitions Coordinator

Hugh Box-Special Education Program Coordinator

We have two new coordinators this year:

Cheryl Snider-Special Education Program Coordinator

Tiiu Vail-Special Education Program Coordinator

All staff can be reached through their email addresses or at Educational Services:

(613) 542-9871 ext 140

Limestone's service delivery model continues to be based on the tiered system to ensure we build capacity across our district to support all learners.

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As groups of professionals across our community we understand the importance of working together in the best interests of our families and students to foster a positive, supportive relationship and work toward success for every student.

Our Community Partners are fundamental to the success of our students. Thank You!

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