Thursday Exchange

Weekly Newsletter 9-15-2016

Calendar Of Events

September 20: Leadership Breakfast @ 8:30 am- Parents Join Us for Breakfast!

September 26: Staff Development/ NO SCHOOL

September 26-30: Book Fair

September 29: Kinder, 2nd, 5th grade Parent Night 6:00-7:00

September 30: Birthday Friday & $1 Jean Day

From The Principal

We had our first Parents as Partner meeting last week. We had a great turn out and would love to have more of you join us. Parents as Partners volunteer in all aspects of our school. I sent home a form today if you would like to be a part of this great committee. You can also email Ms. Cynthia Kennedy at with any questions. I look forward to working with you this school year.

Your Principal,

Candace Johnson

Counselor's Corner

Be Your Best!

Parents its sometimes easy for students to forget the importance of putting their best foot forward. Some helpful tips for students are:

  • Always write down tasks you need to accomplish
  • Challenges are a good things. They make us stronger.
  • Never settle for anything less than your best.

Counselor- Miguel Gilmore

From the Nurse

Parents if you received a Food Allergy Action Plan please complete the form and return it with the ordered medication (Epi Pen/antihistamine) at your earliest convenience. If your child does not have a true fool allergy or is no longer allergic please document on the form that no medical intervention is necessary.