Wildcat News

From the desk of Christy Hilbun

Leader in Me

We are excited about the several opportunities we have for growth in the area of Leader in Me. Due to a grant that Andrea Pearson and Jennifer Middleton wrote, we are able to send 8 teachers (Missy Linendoll, Heidi Buschang, Jose Guerra, Corinne Clanton, Christine Voigt, Ashlea Gutierrez and Andrea Pearson) to the Leader in Me Symposium in Austin next week. What a great learning experience for our staff!

We are also excited to send a group of teachers to Rutledge Leadership Day on Feb. 26th. We look forward to Korey Frasier, Marica Fields, Carmen Sundheim, Heather Kiec, Leann Becker, Katy Sommer and Laura Sanchez sharing new ideas with their teams and the WSE staff.

At our next faculty meeting (Feb. 15th) , all WSE staff are to bring lesson ideas to share with everyone on how they are teaching the habits in the classroom. This will be a time of collaboration and learning by all.

Information will be coming soon on how you can learn to use the 7 Habits with Notice and Note. "The close reading strategies in Notice and Note will help you cultivate those critical reading habits that will make your students more attentive, thoughtful, and independent readers."~Kyleen Beer and Robert Probst

Based on some feedback that more lesson ideas were needed to teach the habits, we have put these opportunities in place. Together we can learn from each other and grow leaders in each other and our students.

100th Day of School

To send you off to the weekend with a laugh, watch this video on the 100th day of school by a principal in Kentucky. It is a little over 1 minute long. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dDgxEe223c