Micro-enterprise for African Women

By Ela Sabnis

Challenges For African Women

For African woman in developing countries, there are many challenges they face. One is that there is a higher infant mortality rate. Also, the healthcare is not always the best. With an unstable healthcare service, the mother might be more likely to die during labor. Another challenge is there may not be lots of educational opportunities for African women. It also may be hard for African Women to get money because they are not as respected as men.


Selling Soaps and Drink

One micro-enterprise is selling soaps and drink. Margaret Saajjabi owns a quarter acre of land in a market. There, she sells soaps and drinks that other people have produced. She gets a small percent of the money people pay.

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How These Women Changed Their Communities

These women and their micro-enterprises have changed and impacted their communities by proving they are as capable as men. These women also provide resources (with a cost) to their communities. Margaret (a woman who owns a micro-enterprise) provides rent space, shops, parking lots, and more to her African community. This also provides jobs or an occupation to people in the community if they work.

How These Women Changed Themselves and Their Famiies

These women and their micro-enterprises also have changed themselves because they feel more empowered and capable. These women can now support themselves. They also now have something to keep them busy and an occupation that they take pride in. This changed their families because now, they have made money to better support their families. This can also provide jobs for the family if they decide to also take part in the micro-enterprise. The family now has more money they can put aside for education, food, and water.