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December 4th, 2020

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Magee Library Tumblebooks access

Tumble Book Library is an online collection of ebooks for children. Click the button for login information.

Two Rivers Rec Department Events

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Magee Holiday Gift Store: One Week Left to Shop!

A favorite of many Magee families is the Holiday Gift Store, held each year at Magee. This in-person shopping experience will be replaced this year with an online store. The online store will be open November 23rd to December 11th. Student orders will be delivered to Magee the following week for distribution. Fliers came home in folders this week!

Click here for a link to the online store.

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Student winter gear bags

A few weeks ago, kindergarten and all students new to Magee received a winter gear bag. This cloth bag is for hauling boots, snowpants and other winter gear to and from school. Once we have snow on the ground, students will need their gear each day. If you need a new gear bag, you can buy one for $2.50 from the office.

Holiday Fun Days

Monday, December 21st will be "Wear Red and Green Day" OR "Ugly Sweater Day." Have fun showing off your holiday gear!

Tuesday, December 22nd is "Pajama and Hot Chocolate Day." Students can wear their pj's and enjoy some hot chocolate here at school.

December Title One Tip

CAFÉ Strategy: Check for Understanding

Dear Families:

As your child is progressing through the year, we would like to update you with another CAFÉ strategy to reinforce at home. CAFÉ is an acronym that stands for Comprehension (I understand what I read), Accuracy (I can read the words), Fluency (I can read smoothly and understand what I read), and Expanding vocabulary (I know, find, and use interesting words). The strategy introduced is a part of the Comprehension portion of the CAFÉ Menu.

Even as an adult reader, there are times when I am reading a story and I get lost and am not sure what has happened. Fortunately, when this happens, I have strategies I use to help me understand the story. The same thing happens when children read. However, with children, they often keep reading and do not realize they lost comprehension until the end of the story. They are too concerned with reading accurately, and forget to take the time to think about what they are reading. How can we help them gain comprehension? We can teach them the Comprehension Strategy: Check for Understanding because good readers stop frequently to check for understanding or to ask "who" and "what".

How to help your child with the "check for understanding" strategy at home:

1. When reading to your child, stop periodically and say, “Let’s see if we remember what I just read. Think about who the story was about and what happened.” Do this 3 or 4 times throughout the story.

2. Ask your child the following questions:

· Who did you just read about?

· What just happened?

· Do you understand what was read?

· What do you do if you don’t remember?

Kid Teacher

Ask Questions Throughout the Reading Process

Student water bottles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our water fountains are bottle fill only. Students wanting a drink need to use the bottle filler feature. Please send a water bottle for your child if they would like.
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Calling your child in sick to school

We appreciate when families call their child in sick prior to the start of the school day. In addition to calling the school, please expect a follow-up call from the school to clarify signs and symptoms your child may have. You can call the school office and leave a message when your child is sick at 793-1118.

From the Student Services Team

Holidays During the Pandemic

For many, focusing on gratitude during the holiday season can be a very difficult endeavor. This time of year can be stressful enough, as we all try to deal with travel arrangements, financial constraints, presents, food, and family members, among other things. Now, as we try to navigate our way through a global pandemic on top of everything else, things can become downright overwhelming. You may notice additional anxiety while trying to answer more difficult questions about what your holiday might look like. How do we celebrate? Should we congregate in large numbers? Should we go out shopping in crowded stores? Church? How do we deal with family disagreements? What about hugs? Masks? Child Mind Institute provided a helpful article by Caroline Miller that may help you answer some of these questions entitled, “Holidays During the Pandemic - Tips for Reducing Stress, Helping Kids Cope, and Making New Traditions”. A few of the highlights are listed below:

  1. Don’t wait to make plans - The more predictability we can create during this uncertain time, the better it is for kids. It can not only give them time to prepare, but also to work through feelings they might have and come up with strategies to feel better.

  2. Discuss rules in advance - Setting ground rules early is a great way to avoid awkwardness and conflict for everyone. It is especially important for children with anxiety - knowing that there is a carefully prepared plan can be very comforting to them.

  3. Stay the course - You may need to refer to the ground rules if a guest strays off course - which is another great reason to lay them out early. It can also be helpful for kids to have a script to refer to if someone isn’t respecting the rules.

  4. Start new traditions - If you are unable to celebrate in ways that you are accustomed to, try to be proactive and find new activities to make the pandemic holidays special (i.e. build photo albums, write letters, Facetime others, set up Zoom meetings, contribute to a new charity, etc..).

  5. Give kids a voice - Let kids have a role. What would they like to cook? What games would they like to play? What movies would they like to watch? Being part of a decision-making process can help offset negative feelings.

  6. Let kids express disappointment - It’s healthy for adults to validate children’s feelings, as opposed to saying “you’ll be fine”. In addition, it’s helpful to model coping with that disappointment in a positive way and helping them find their own ways to do the same.

We’re hoping these tips will help you and your family truly enjoy the holiday season during this unusual time. Further information on this article (and many other helpful articles) can be found at Child Mind Institute. The Two Rivers Public School District is extremely thankful for the families and friends that make this community so great! Happy Holidays!

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Stop the Spread!

Help keep our students in our buildings and our athletes participating in their sport.

  • Wear a mask when out and about.
  • Keep a physical distance of at least 6 feet.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands.
  • Sanitize frequently-touched surfaces.
  • Do not attend large gatherings.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
We need your help to stop the spread!
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Lunch pick-ups

We are offering lunch pick-up for e-Learner students and any students that are part of the middle school or high school. Pick-up is Monday and Wednesday from 10:30-11:00 and Friday 11:00-1:00 at both Magee and Koenig.

From the Food Service Team

Your food service team will be handing out meal packages on December 17th & December 22nd from 5:00pm - 7:00pm at L.B. Clarke Middle School. Please use the last driveway on Bellevue Place. There will be cones and staff waiting to assist and give direction.

This service is FREE to any community member with children up to 18 years of age or 21 with disabilities. Limit ONE BAG PER FAMILY, which will serve 8-10 people. Bags will include: Bulk items of meats, vegetables, fruits and grains.

Multicultural Club is Hosting!

The Multicultural Club is sponsoring a special viewing of The Forst Inn's popular holiday musical cabaret with new songs and new stories for the 2020 holiday season. Enjoy amazing a capella harmonies, rousing carols, quirky and poignant stories, with the bonus of seeing Mrs. LaFond as one of the five cast members.

Join us at TRHS in the Cafetorium on Friday, December 11, for the 7:30 p.m. premier viewing of Mistletoe Musings. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Admission is $5.00/person. All Social Distancing protocols will be strictly enforced and refreshments will not be served. Bring your friends and family to enjoy the performance at the recommended safe six feet distance from them.