Quest 6


Dojo recap

Edtech in action 5 minute warm up

In Twitter, you can create lists of people. By creating a list, you can see what a variety of people are tweeting about. I created two lists for this class - one with just students called educ 204 and one that includes students and co-ops.

Please check out the list, follow 5 peers and 10 new teachers.

  • Search Twitter to identify something that relates to #edtech.
  • Try searching #edchat, #edtech, #edtechchat, or another education hashtag
  • Share what you found with a partner
  • Be ready to share out in a large group.

Quest 6 Synthesis Part 1: Twitter chat in class about Service Learning

Twitter chat etiquette

  • When the chat starts, introduce yourself
  • Be sure to follow the moderator (ex. @SFecich) to get the questions
  • When a question, is asked (ex. Q1) respond with
A1 your response here and end with the twitter chat's hashtag (ex. #educ204toi).

  • If you want to respond to other participants' response do so! It is encouraged and will build your knowledge.
  • At the end of the chat be sure to thank the moderator for hosting.
  • Don't forget the hashtag in your tweets or they will not show up!

20 minutes

  • During this synthesis activity, we are going to practice our Twitter chat etiquette.
  • Dr. Fecich will post 3 questions individually on twitter with #educ204toi
  • As a group, we will participate in a live twitter chat about service learning using #educ204toi.

Quest 6 Synthesis Part 2

After given a description of each service learning project, by Dr. Fecich decide which one you would like to do for this class. The document will become "editable" after a description of each project is clearly described.

Sign up on the doc below.

Spend the rest of class

  • Working on home page, about me, contact, clearances, resume, etc
  • Work on homework for Friday