Life Interests

Enjoying life one day at a time


2 years ago, I decided that soccer wasn't my sport and dance was only the beginning for me. I've always loved dancing but didn't start until about two years ago. Coming into it, I was nervous but the most bit excited to be doing what I love! I then started working harder and harder becoming one of the best dancers in my class. I am now getting moved up to the next class which gives me a burst of confidence in myself.

Stephen Boss "tWitch"

tWitch started so small and became so big. He started in a television talent show and then stared on So You Think You Can Dance, then movies. Not only did he rise in fame but he got better doing what he did best and that's what I hope to do.

Some of the top jobs include:

Guaranteed to have a new experience every day! dancing -hunting -new music


How can i combine creating music with dance?

What are my next steps necessary for taking in a career like so?