Reducing Household Waste

HELP!!!! Reduce Household Waste by: Rithik

What is household waste

Household waste is waste which is generated in the day to day operations of a household. It can include everything from soda cans to burned out light bulbs.

How can we reduce household waste?

Use The three R's

  • Reduce- choose long-lasting instead of disposable items.
  • Reuse- take all the used books and magazines and drop them off at a doctors office
  • Recycle- making something new from (something that has been used before)

Don't Be a Waste Man

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why buy something that will last 1 week instead of buying something that will last forever ex. spend a little bit more money and buy something durable instead of something that wont be worthy and wont last long

How will reducing household waste benefit our world?

If we reduce household waste we will benefit the newer generations. the air will still be cleaner and will help this world stay a lot cleaner then it is

The harms from household waste to our planet

- more pollution

- Earth will die sooner then we expect it to

- future generations will not be able to see this beautiful planet

- more people will die from the toxic air we will be breathing

Think of the children

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Ideas on How to Reduce Household Waste