Dealing with Electronic Waste

By: Shawna Mason

What happens to you computer after you "recycle" them?

Describe the area where the Chinese workers were breaking down the computers?

The Chinese workers are breaking down computers in large landfills that are some of the most toxic places in the world. The cities where the break down of the computers is occurring is very polluted and bad for not only the workers health but also the health of everyone in the town where this is occurring. When burning the chemicals in computers it gives off very toxic pollutants into the air as well as runoff that has polluted nearby water sources.
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How do you feel about the 3rd world melting computers?

I do not support this one bit. I think that it is wrong what they are doing and even worse that we are supplying them with the computers to break down. The workers often have bad chemical burns on their hands and fingers from melting computers as well as polluting innocent bystanders who live in the towns where the melting of computers is happening.
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What else can we do with these old computers? Explain.

Some alternative ways to get rid of old computers is to pass down computers that you do not use or any other type of electronic devices. Give them to the Goodwill or other organization where the computer will be resold or keep your old electronics in a safe place stored away. All of these things can help prevent the illegal shipment of old computers to third world countries.