GCIS Weekly News 11/11/2016

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

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We're not here to be average; We're here to be AWESOME!

Fundraising Announcements!

Below is information about the fundraiser! I want to personally thank all the support from families and friends! Our fundraising dollars help in so many ways! Please plan to pick up fundraising materials in our lunchroom on Wednesday December 7th from 3:00-6:00 pm. We will announce fundraising winners on Friday (11/18). Someone will get to be the principal for the afternoon! Cannot wait!
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GCIS Office News

Fall Has Arrived!

  • Please make sure your child is showing up dressed for the weather each day! Fall has arrived, and winter will be here before we know it! Below I have included what we would like to see students sent with prepared for the weather each school day moving forward. If you have an additional questions please don't hesitate calling the office. (515)738-5721. If students are not properly dressed they will be asked to stay inside for recess and spend time reading. Students health and well being play into our success as students! Thanks so much for your efforts!

Weather and Proper Clothing Guidelines:

  • Temps ranging from 50 degrees and above: Short sleeves are acceptable

  • Temps ranging from 45-50 degrees: Long sleeves, light jacket, hats encouraged

  • Temps 45 degrees and below: Warm winter gear (hats, gloves, winter jacket, and snow pants and boots)

*If for any reason you need any of the above mentioned items, please don't hesitate to let us know how we might help. We have various resources that we can access to ensure all students have what they need for the coming winter months.

Principal Shoutout!

I first want to thank all the parents and families that attended Fall Conferences at GCIS! This time is critical as we bridge connections to learning and growth for our students. On behalf of my entire staff we appreciate your parent partnership! I have included a link for parents and families to explore highlighting just how important these partnerships are. Strong parent connections and partnerships enhance the overall education for the child. Thanks again for everything you do to support your child throughout the year!

Link to research on Parent Partnerships and the benefits to overall academic achievement:


ISU Campus Visit & Women's Basketball Game!

Parents & Families,

I wanted to highlight a few things from our amazing trip to ISU on Friday! We had an amazing day. The weather was perfect, the campus still had a lot of her fall beauty on display for us to soak in, and the Women's Basketball put on an amazing game for us!

I have asked staff to share a "goosebump moment" with me so I could share them with you all. These are moments on the trip that stood out to us and gave us goosebumps. Prior to leaving for the trip, and even into last year, during my lunch dates and talking with students, they shared with me many of them had never been to Ames, Iowa! I know right! Equally shocking was that many students had never even been on a college campus! I began to reflect and think, how might we change that?

When the opportunity came up to attend the ISU Women's game, that was going to focus on Bully Prevention, and also honor Veterans at halftime, I knew we had to get our students there. It was the opportunity that we had been looking for! I knew we needed to create some time, even if only for an hour to get kids on campus and start to think about what life after Greene County Schools might look like for them. Many times throughout the year as educators we speak about the value of education. We often times speak about college and the importance of it. All this is great if students can hook onto this encouragement and message, and internalize it.

This trip allowed us as educators at GCIS, to give the opportunity for students to understand and connect their goals, or newly formed goals to what life could be like after Greene County, if they choose to attend a college. Below I share with you evidence that this trip exceeded our expectations. Many of these stories and highlights motivate us as educators to relentlessly focus on the importance of creating life long learners, even when it is challenging. Friday was about getting kids out of the four walls of the classroom and experiencing learning in a non-traditional way. Something I believe we need to do more of. This trip was about encouraging a path that many of our students might not even think is attainable for them. I think we changed that for many students on Friday. Even if this trip allowed for just one student to set goals for their future and beyond Greene County, then I'd say it was a huge success.

-Mrs. Van Cleave

Goosebump Moments:

  • It was an awesome day! My heart was full seeing how excited my students were and the memories they were making..We got lost exploring central campus, so I asked a student for help. He not only walked us to the Rec center, but he was telling my kids how much he loves college and some of the great things (intramural sports) that you get to do other than go to class. He was so, so nice to us.. He was already running late for class but wasn't about to just tell us where to go, he wanted to show us!

  • Today was awesome! I think some students enjoyed exploring campus more than the game. Students were in awe of how big the library was and how many students were in there studying. While walking around they enjoyed saying hi to students, giving high fives, and getting them to dab. Most students walked around the zodiac in the MU, but one will be failing a couple tests on Monday! Lol! So glad we were able to go on this awesome trip!

  • I know this trip will be one that our 5th graders won't soon forget! The campus tour was so much fun and definitely inspirational! So many of the college students were giving out high fives and even one hug! While at the library, our GCIS students were mesmerized by all of the hard work the ISU students were putting forth toward their course work. It was such an eye opening and inspiring moment!

  • Truly an eye opening day for our students, they now have that picture of what college is, and could be for them! I saw students who may have never thought about college before now have that glimmer. That alone makes this trip more than worth it. Students made many comments about how big and beautiful campus was. They had a blast asking students about their major and what they liked about ISU. We had ISU students ask us why we were on campus and thought it was very cool that 4th, 5th and 6th graders got to see what college was like.

  • The trip we took on Friday to ISU was an adventure of a lifetime for many of our 5th graders! I was SO impressed with how respectful and responsible they were,as we toured the library. One of my students leaned over to me quietly and asked,"Do they ever get any free time from this studying?" I thought that was a very observant moment!! Another one of my kids got a selfie taken with CY the mascot, at the game. She was very excited about this. She told me she was going to keep it on her phone forever!! Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime for many:)

  • The trip to ISU's campus was a very powerful one for our students. Most students had never been on a college campus before and had no idea what to expect. As we stood in the middle of central campus watching the students go to class, one of my students said, "It's like an ant hill! Everyone is going in different directions and then they go back into their 'holes.'" I thought that was a very interesting and observant connection that they were able to make. My students also had fun talking to several ISUstudents and then getting selfies with them. One of my favorite moments of the trip was watching students' faces as many walked into Hilton for the first time. It reminded me of my first time in Hilton (and every time after) and how awe-inspiring it is! Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to get out of Greene County and get a glimpse of the amazing possibilities that they have awaiting for them in their futures!

  • We had a great day weather-wise. Campus was hopping as students walked to class and the kids I accompanied enjoyed seeing and interacting with the "grown-up students" they met. I knew they would all find value in their visit; however, my day was truly made when one of our 4th graders rushed up to me, grabbed my arm and said,"I am SO GRADUATING!" so that he could attend college one day. Another young man was so unhappy after we had entered Hilton as he had left his money on bus #4. As I brought my season ticket I knew I could re-enter Hilton so I helped him by getting his money for him--turns out I didn't need to even show my ticket upon return. The ISU event staff includes a former school employee, Barb Moore--she and the rest of the ISU event staff were incredibly helpful with any issues our kids or staff had. It was so fun to see our kids' faces as they explored Campus--I especially want to brag on Eberly's, Braun's and Gannon's groups, as going through Parks Library, they were SO QUIET and RESPECTFUL of the many students who were studying. The sheer size of the library amazed them and they were able to see some of the artwork as they walked through. As a high school counselor I have taken several older kids on college visits and they had great experiences overall. This time with the younger ones, it was rather magical as the kids showed their amazement on their faces like it was Christmas morning--so fun to watch them.

  • What a wonderful day to be a Cyclone. I think one of the biggest things my students enjoyed was seeing their siblings on campus. Our students were in awe of college life. We had convos about what types of classes were offered at ISU and what they were known for, as well as what Iowa is known for. They too loved watching the students go around the zodiac sign. A few wanted to try it out. LOL. Thanks for giving our students opportunities that might change their goals in life.
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4th Grade Happenings!

Math-We are working on learning our multiplication facts, so practice at home when you can, so we can work our way to making a paper sundae. We are learning to use equations to find perimeter. We will be taking our Unit 1 test over all the concepts we have studied since school began, which includes rounding, place value, subtraction, addition, measurement with inches, feet, and yards, types of angles, lines, line segments, rays, and perimeter! WOW! We have been working hard! Our next unit will take us deeper into the world of multiplication!

Science- We are wrapping up our models of how the eye and brain process light. I have seen some amazing projects in the making!!!! We will be starting on how plants and animals survive and adapt!

Reading- This week we finished our election unit. It was very exciting on Tuesday to see who was elected the 45th President of the United States. Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump, we are all looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes during his time in the White House! This week we also discussed the importance of Veteran’s Day and wrote letters to active military members. To contribute to the assembly that we will attend in Ames on Friday we had class discussions about bullying and made our own classroom posters to share with others at the assembly.

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5th Grade Happenings!

Lit/SS: In reading we have finished up our work on comparing and contrasting two or more characters, settings, and events in text. We will be moving on to determining two or more main ideas in a text and identifying supporting details. In social studies we have begun our work on writing a flag essay for the American Legion contest.

Keep reading 20 minutes each night!

6th Grade Happenings!

In reading we are finishing up our argumentative paper and our government unit. This week we took a lot of time to talk about the election process. We will be starting our culture unit on Monday. Keep reading 20 minutes a night!

In science, we are finishing up our EnergyWise Program. Students shared lots of ways that they are conserving energy and resources at home. If your child has not yet returned the survey, please do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

In math, we are working on multiplying and dividing fractions.

Art News

4th grade students finished up their patterned zentangle pumpkins, 5th grade students finished watercoloring their pumpkin patch painting, and 6th grade students finished their optical illusion pumpkins.

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4th grade TAG students are working hard on their Battle of the Books list and are doing an awesome job at reading and writing questions to study!

5th and 6th Grade TAG students are taking the Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, which is a trivial pursuit type of competition about a variety of subjects. 5th and 6th grade teams across Iowa will be competing. I will let you know the results next week!

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Media/Tech Lit

The library would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone that came to our Scholastic Book Fair this week. We were able to purchase several new books to add to our library collection. Your support is greatly appreciated!!
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Special Education News

4th graders are starting new writing about their special place. They were able to brainstorm ideas and then use the graphic organizer to plan their writing. Each are excited to write on the chromebooks.

5th graders in math They are also practicing multiplying 2 digits by 2-3 digits. They really need support to learn their multiplication facts.

6th graders in math, are learning how use order of operations using fractions. In reading, they are continuing on learning about argument. We have been reading an article that has been making them think beyond the surface and are getting to pick a side a support it with evidence.

Band Business!

The bands are right on track to meet our deadline for the December 5th concert. For the parents that have never been through this before, the concert is at 7, but students need to arrive at 6:30 so they can warm up and tune. Dress code for the concert is just “nice clothes” whatever that means to your family. We’d prefer no t-shirts or jeans if possible.

Counseling News

November 13 is WORLD KINDNESS DAY: a Global Pay-it-Forward Celebration!

Kind, positive home and school environments make learning easier (and more enjoyable) for everyone. That shouldn't surprise anyone—Students do better in tests. They learn more (at a faster rate). And they're just generally much, much happier.

Here are some ways to get involved with World Kindness Day:

*Share a Kindness Quote: Pick a favorite and print it out, or post to social media, or email/text it to friends.

*Do something KIND: Write a letter to your future self, send a note of gratitude, donate to a charity, order flowers for someone special, send a positive text message, recycle, or order seeds to start a cool garden next spring!

For more information on World Kindness Day, visit https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/world-kindness-day and enjoy the kind vibes!

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Nurse News!

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) antibiotic resistance is on the rise. Each year at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed drug but can be overused. The following chart is from the CDC’s campaign to combat antibiotic resistance.

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