Kaitlyn's Krazy Science Page

This is my s'more to show my learning in Science

Introduction to Me!

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn. I am a 6th grader at Pioneer Middle School. I am a Scientist in Mrs. Smith's Science 6 class. Outside of school, I am a tennis player and animal lover. I have 8 pets, a dog named Charlie, and 7 fish named Perl, Lemon, Stripes, Zebra, Bungalow, Scavenge, and Doodie. I also love to draw and watch movies.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

In the last month, we learned about microscopes, triple-beam-balances, and maps. In the first mini lab unit, we learned how to weight different objects with a triple-beam-balance. The next mini lab unit was about learning how to use a microscope. In this lab, we looked at salt and had to solve a crime scene. The last mini lab unit was all about using maps and how, when, and why learning to use a map was important. Overall, I loved this Introduction to Science!

Favorite Activity

My favorite activity was when we had to solve the crime. The crime was Mr. Shaffer went to a magnificent beach but won't tell us where he went. The only thing we had was a sample of the sand from the beach he went to. We used the microscopes to figure out where he went. I loved this activity because I love a good mystery!
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