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May 15th, 2020

Upcoming Events

Friday-May 22nd-no virtual learning

Monday- May 25th-no virtual learning

June 3rd, 4th and 5th-Final drop off/pick up days as mentioned in Dr. Kriewaldt's and Mrs. Kalina's message this week.

Erin School Office Hours-Mon-Thu, 8am-4pm

Grading for 3rd trimester

Just like school time has looked a bit different during this pandemic, our final grading will look a bit different as well. The purpose of grades is to give you feedback on the targeted standards, your child’s learning, and level of proficiency based on available information. Report Cards also help us as a school know where each student ends the year.

We are so proud of the quality of learning and feedback happening during this time. While we are still going to assign “grades” on our report cards, some changes are essential for providing effective feedback. Here are some of the important changes: .

  • Grading Scale:

    • Work will continue to be graded using our current scale. Final grades will typically be assigned a 3 or 2. 4s may also be earned in grades 2-8 if applicable.

  • Addition of the code IE (Insufficient Evidence)

    • Academic standards will be prioritized to match instruction provided. Standards might be left blank or marked with the code IE (Insufficient Evidence) if they were not thoroughly taught and/or able to be assessed for students independently. This simply means that the teachers do not have enough evidence of a standard to confidently assign a grade at this time. It signifies that we will need to review this area for your child at the start of next year.

  • Life Skills

    • Life skills will be significantly decreased. Skills like Works Cooperatively or Respects Self and Others are challenging to measure outside of classroom walls.

    • Each grade level has identified life skills they can assess given the work assigned.

  • Enrichment Classes

    • Enrichment classes including Art, Music and PE will only use comments on our report cards K-5. Middle school grades will be assigned for these classes, but they will be modified.

Teacher teams will be working diligently this summer to ensure that content will be bridged and that we continue to have Learning for ALL, Whatever It Takes, at Erin School.

We appreciate your partnership, support and grace as we navigate through these unchartered waters.

If you have any questions now or when you receive your child's report card, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Joannie Kalina

Curriculum Director and Middle School Principal

Steam Challenge #2 (4th-8th grade)

Announcing the winners of the 1st STEAM Challenge: Build the Tallest Tower.

Congratulations to Lily W., winner of the grade 4 -5 challenge and Gavin G., winner of the grade 6 - 8 challenge. Both Lily and Gavin won $10.00 Amazon gift cards.

Announcing STEAM Challenge #2: Build the Longest Suspension Bridge.

The challenge dates are May 12 - May 21. All entries must be received by 5:00 PM on Thursday, May 21st. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 25th. Go to the Library Media Center website, STEAM page for a link to the contest details:

Summer Meal Access

There are 3 ways to locate where free meals are served over the summer as follows:

1) Call "211"

2) Text "food" to 877-877

3) Check website:

Erin School Community Garden

Are you able to give an hour or so of your time to our Erin School Community Garden?

Please consider adopting one of our garden beds!

Sign up here.

Garden beds are available for adoption in 4K/5K through 8th grade.

We are looking for families to offer their time just once (May-September) to help with the maintenance of the garden beds. You are welcome to come at any time on the day you sign up (whatever works best for you).

  • Items to plant will be provided and will be placed by the bed you adopt.
  • A wheelbarrow will be provided on weeding days so that waste can be brought to our compost bins (middle school playground by treeline).
  • Please bring gloves and any small gardening tools for planting and weeding the bed you will work in.

Thank you for your contribution to our Erin School Community Garden!

Desks for sale

The school has several desks for sale.

$1 each.

If interested please email Mrs. Fenney,

Erin School Talent Show-part 2

Due to the amazing talent seen in the first talent show, we have decided to hold another one on Thursday, May 21st! Please see the attached document for more details or contact Mrs. Jakubowski for questions and concerns.

Virtual Playdates

Please see this letter for more information.

To schedule a play date this google form will need to be completed.

Enrichment Class Websites

Make sure to keep checking them for exciting ways to learn and stay active.

Art website

Physical Education website

Library website

Music website

PTC News

The Erin School Staff is the core of what makes Erin School a fantastic place for our students.

May is Staff Appreciation Month therefore we invite each family to create a flipgrid video to thank the teachers and staff. All videos will then be shared with all staff at Erin School (please keep in mind your video can be seen by all staff not just your specific teacher(s)). Your video can be up to 2 minutes long and can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. It can be a few kinds words of thanks or a special song or poem. The staff most appreciates smiles and kind words from their students. Please direct questions to Kristin Patey (

All videos should be posted by Wednesday, May 20th. To record and post your video, use the following link:

Password: Erin2020

For information on the next PTC meeting, nominations of officers for next school year, and more see this link.

Erin School PTC Tree Program

To all the families that planted a tree at our wonderful school— THANK YOU!

Not only are you leaving the legacy of your family while helping support the wonderful programs of Erin School…but you are also helping to grow the needed tree canopy around the school. This truly is the gift that will keep on growing!

Despite the pandemic and school closing, your tree has been planted! A HUGE Thank you to Cory Gritzmacher for your dedication in getting these beautiful trees in the ground!

The signs have been ordered and will be placed by the trees by June 1st. When you return to Erin School, whether its in early June to return items or in Fall for the return of school, we hope you come see your family’s tree.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is currently open and will close on Friday May 29th.

Please see Erin School website for more information.

Kindergarten Registration

Time to register your 4-year-old or new to the District 5-year-old for the 2020-2021 school year. Please fill out and return the Kindergarten Registration form. Copies are also available in the front office. (This form does NOT need to be filled out for children already attending.)

Please return the forms as soon as possible.

We offer a 4K extended day for those families that need child care outside of the 4K classroom.

Please call Donna Runte at 262-673-3720 ext. 4105 to set up a visit at any time.

Erin School District

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