Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 48

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Welcome to ENGAGE

If you have any articles for the next issue please email this to LauraL@gcfe.net

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345

Thank you for your patience...

Thank you so much for your patience whilst we work closely with the HR team at the Education Department to address outstanding issues related to the contracts. We have provided feedback with the problems some of you are facing. We fully acknowledgement the shortcomings and are making a concentrated effort to rectify the outstanding problems as soon as possible. Please bear with us whilst we iron out the problems.

I would also like to encourage you to not to suffer in silence. I am aware that there are a variety of changes that we have introduced both in terms of practice as well as process. These are to enable the College to move positively forward towards making our vision for our College a reality. These changes will require a conscious effort of positive and constructive support as well as an honest and transparent feedback on areas that there might be room for improvement. You can share your views by emailing review@gcfe.net going through your Union reps who meet with the College Executive Team on a regular basis or you can use the Fab/Drab Boards at each campus. Your feedback will ensure that we address matters promptly and you know if there are concerns that may be beyond our control.

Remember unless we know about the difficulties you may be facing we cannot do anything about them. So keep talking and using the line management channels to solve any problems you may be facing.

Lastly I would like to encourage you to take an active part in the “your school, your choice” consultation process. You can find details of how to take part on the closed online forum specifically designed for this event on www.education.gg/YSYC or


I am pleased to inform you that we have arranged for students representatives to canvass and collate our learners’ views on this matter and they will be taking part in one of the forums that are to follow.

Apologies, for the many Staff Development Calendar invitations that may have clogged up your inbox this morning. Invitations will be sent in this way each 1/2 term, please accept if they are relevant to you.

I wish you a restful weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

College news: The week that was!

News from Corporate Support Services

Yesterday we said goodbye to Janson Bewey who has been working in the Exams Department with Sam and Steph for the past 6 years. Although Janson's actual leave date isn't until November, due to holidays and toil owed, he left yesterday. Thanks for all your hard work Janson, hope to see you popping into College in the future.

The first team meeting of the Curriculum Admin Assistants and Executive Assistants took place yesterday. Sam kindly demonstrated exam processes to the team including registering students for exams to enable the Curriculum Admin team to assist Programme Leaders and lecturers with exam requests etc on Pro-Sol. Thank you to Sam for this demonstration. Laura covered all the day to day `need to knows' for the team. Thanks to all for attending.

With regard to contacting exams - please can staff try and email the exams department on Exams@gcfe.net rather than individually to Sam or Steph - thank you.

News from CASI Faculty

Everyone has settled well into Catering and Hospitality this week and everyone had great fun last Friday having lunch at Vistas (inset). The new students took their Hygiene Level 2 course this week, so good luck to them! They ended the week making some fabulous bread rolls and loaves of bread (also see pictures below).

Next week they are all looking forward to learning further food and cooking skills.

The Creative + team took their new Level 3’s to Castel Cornet on Monday for a wet but fun packed day. Students were given a variety of tasks to complete that included drawing, mapping, video and sound and were very good humoured despite the rain in undertaking the tasks.

Next week induction is over for Creative + and the students will begin their new Level 3 course.

Performing Arts students have had a busy week; a fantastic Shakespeare acting master-class with Ben Crystal (see picture below), their first classes in ballet, tap, jazz and singing. All of the students and some of the staff this week have had fun tweeting and Facebooking their #15secondshakespeare clips.

Enterprise and Innovation Academy

On Wednesday night 10 first year students from Business Studies and Performing Arts attended a 60th anniversary event for the Co-Op group at Les Cotils. The students had been invited along to share their opinions about what the Co-op should look like in the future and to help them review their strategic direction.

The evening was really stimulating for the students involved. They were engaged in all of the discussions and came up with loads of great suggestions. Overall our students were excellent ambassadors for the College and demonstrated that young people had some of the most exciting and creative ideas in the room!

Hair and Beauty

It’s the first week for the hair students this week and they have been involved in lots of fun introduction activities and games.

Don’t forget that the salon is now open on Thursday evenings between 5.15 and 7.45 for beauty treatments and the hairdresser is open Wednesday mornings and Thursday all day. Call 749944 to book an appointment.

News from BICS Faculty

This week I (Jane) was lucky enough to attend the Annual Employment Conference hosted by AO/HALL. The conference focussed on the digital workplace and featured highly regarded specialists in the field. One fact I found fascinating was during a talk by Mike Loginov a specialist in the field of Cyber Security. He working on the case of Jake Davis (aka Topiary) a well-known hacker from the Shetlands, Jake’s profile revealed he had lived a sheltered life on a small island, spent all day in his bedroom on his computer and his main hobby was knitting!

Yvonne Tanner attended a meeting at Deutsche Bank to discuss their Summer Internship Programme. Following this a speaker from the bank will be coming to visit the college to discuss their internships with the Business students, this offers a great opportunity for the right candidates to get a taste work in the financial sector whilst being paid.

Our very own Dan Hunter is delivering a free session on HTML at the GTA via digital greenhouse as part of National Coding Week.

Good luck to the staff teams competing in the Tri-ultimate this weekend, lend your support and encouragement if you are in the area.

Photos and stories to follow.

News from ICE Faculty

GIGPE lunchtime lecture

L3 Engineering students were fortunate enough to attend a CIGPE lecture given by local expert engineer Graham Pay. Graham gave a personal account of the engineering challenges associated with helicopter design. He drew upon his experience at Agusta Westland to provide examples of the diverse and demanding roles that only a helicopter can perform. The lecture focused on some of the technologies that are involved, their limitations and new developments that will drive the future capabilities of these impressive machines. Graham recalled an interesting story of how President Obama almost bought nine of the helicopters but cancelled the order at the last minute!

Students gained a fascinating insight into the world of engineering, from someone who is originally from Guernsey, and the students were notably impressed and enthused by his presentation.

Surveying the land; Construction and The Built Environment second year apprenticeship students Sarah Birtwistle, Lisa Gray, Giovanni Massey, Nathan Mauger, Sam Peeks enjoyed some of the Guernsey sunshine this week while learning took place outside of the classroom. They were undertaking a measured survey of the land to the front of the Les Ozouets Campus as part of the Unit 10 Surveying In Construction.

News from CHPSS Faculty

We are pleased to Welcome Paula Grady to the team, Paula finally arrived on the island last week and began teaching in the College on Monday.

The Careers Service were on hand this week to support the Year 2 Level 3 students in preparing for UCAS and setting their sights on the next step for their progression that will run alongside their studies this year.

Year 2 Child Care students returned from their first week in placement this academic year to prepare a welcome and team building morning for the new Year 1 Child Care students.

Gerry Le Roy was in college this week to give a presentation to H&SC and Sports students about the Healthy Hearts Day which takes place on Sunday 27th September at Beau Sejour. Health and Social Care students will be working with Health Hearts on Sunday so go along and support the campaign as well as accessing a personal MOT!

A successful group of Prison Officers completed the Caring for Children in a Custodial Environment Course this week at the Performing Arts Centre

Well done to the cross college teaching team and particular thanks to Jane De La Mare she stepped into the breach with administrative and document preparation so early in the term.

The V.P's week...

Another busy week here at College! Laura began posting staff development dates on the staff development calendar, please accept where relevant, and apologies about the amount of email invitations received, as Saboohi has mentioned above.

The Mindfulness classes start next week and there is still some space on each class please let Laura know if you wish to attend.

Wednesdays 12 - 1 at Coutanchez

Thursdays 8 - 9 at LOC

Have a great weekend.




Rod - always contactable and able to sort out most problems

Caretaking and IT staff for sorting out the `smoking' computer at Delancey!

The very smart Engineering students in their very smart overalls - look fab!



Refectory left in worse state than a pig sty - rubbish everywhere but in the bins (Monday afternoon)

IT System causing lots of problems again - students and staff appear to be constantly `locked out' - all calls should be logged on the IT Helpdesk asap and will be attended to asap.

IT Support difficult to contact - the quickest and easiest way to contact IT is through the Helpdesk, please continue to use this method and your calls will be responded to asap.

Too many staff development calendar dates arriving, we counted 30 emails today - see Saboohi's note above.

Filtering - Any instance of this needs to be reported via the helpdesk, there may be numerous reasons why the site is presented in this way.

Slow Networking - We operate on a network infrastructure that is supplied, managed and maintained by outside agencies on behalf of the Education Department. The performance of this infrastructure is largely out of our control. That said we continue to work with all relevant parties to develop and improve the infrastructure wherever possible. A major improvement plan is scheduled to take place this October Half Term and includes replacement of many ageing network components at Coutanchez.


Could the computer improvement programme be shared across staff calendars - this was a great idea and has been implemented.

Staff social!

Found yourself asking "Who's that over there?" during the first few weeks of term? Received emails from colleagues who you've never met or been asked to speak to a new member of staff but don't know what they look like?

If so, help is at hand.

The Staff Social Committee have organised a relaxed evening of low-key social interaction on FRIDAY OCTOBER 9th at Café Emilia on Le Pollet in town.

Come along and turn people you call colleagues into friends. There will be drink (and nibbles too). A £2 donation is requested in order to cover the cost of the food.

If you are new or if you are old (or if you are new and feel old or old and feel new) then enjoy an evening not talking about students. Or data. Or timetables. Or room clashes. Or how they’ve closed the only road that you use to get to Les Ozouets and the blinking hand-written yellow diversion signs have taken you half way around the island before disappearing and leaving you stranded somewhere you didn’t even know existed…

…then come along and join likeminded individuals.

INTERESTING FACT: 9 out 10 people who attend a staff social attend the next one. Many in order to quell discussion of a dark secret that they revealed on the previous staff social but some have become regulars of the thronging scene through pure enjoyment. We hope that you will be one of the latter (if not, we’ll accept the former!) and join us on FRIDAY OCTOBER 9th at Café Emilia.


On behalf of

The Staff Social Committee

Jane De la Mare, Hazel Anderson-Relf, Rachel Guilbert, Fiona Martin, Jeff Stuart, Kim Abbotts, Charlotte Froome, Dan Hunter, Helen Glenn,


Would anyone like to take part in the Guernsey Skipton Swimarathon which is due to take place 7th to 11 October at Beau Sejour? If we can get between 6 and 8 for a team which would then swim 1 length of Beau Sejour’s pool in a relay style for 55 minutes whilst collecting donations/sponsorship for charity. If we can get sufficient for a team, I will contact the Swimarathon Team to try and find a mutually convenient time for us all to swim.

Please let me know if you would like to take part – come on peeps, dive in!! (Sorry pun was intended!!)

Many thanks and kind regards,

Hazel Anderson-Relf

24 September was National Punctuation Day!

24th September, is National Punctuation Day. For those of you irritated by emoticons, apostrophes or simply maddened by people who think that an ellipsis is when the moon moves in front of the sun, then this day, now in its (not it’s) 11th year, exists to celebrate and promote the correct use of punctuation.

Of course punctuation (or the lack of it) can be every important. As my male colleague says “Woman, without her man, is nothing”. I of course correct his punctuation to “Woman: without her, man is nothing”.”

Guernsey Scout Association - seeking volunteers!

If you would like to get involved with Guernsey Scouts, enabling young people age 6 - 18 to have fun and learn new skills in the Community, please get in touch!

In particular, my group - St Peter's Beaver Colony (age 6 - 8) is in desperate need of another adult leader. Please contact me if you think this is something you would like to get involved in.

Thanks, Laura.