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December 7th-December 11th

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What We Are Learning This Week

Language Arts: Our story of the week will be How To Catch Santa by Jean Reagan. Through this new holiday book, we will use ideas to make and confirm predictions, describe characters, and study nonfiction text. In writing, we will have a strong focus on writing a short letter, transition words and capitalization/punctuation in the salutation and closing of letters. Our spelling rule for this week is vowel patterns -o, -oa, and -ow. We will have our spelling test on December 11th. Please be sure to practice with your child.

Social Studies: We will continue our study on Holidays around the World! We will travel to France, Sweden and Germany to learn all about their winter holidays!

Math: We will continue working on all forms of word problems. We will work on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers in word problems, and we will work on subtraction word problems. Please continue working with students at home on basic addition and subtraction facts through Reflex or other at-home strategies. This will help them be much more successful with word problems in the classroom!

Science: We will continue recording weather data and moon observations each day. Students will learn more about how we measure temperature, rainfall, and wind speed as we conduct different hands-on classroom explorations with weather measurement tools.

Observing Our Moon

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As we learn about the moon this month, it is important for our students to spend some time observing the moon and its changes each night. Since we aren't at school when the moon is visible, we aren't able to have authentic observations during the school day. This means I need your help! You will be receiving a letter encouraging you and your child to go outside and look at the moon each night this week. Your child should keep observations in the moon journal that will also be sent home. While students will not be penalized for not completing this assignment, it is highly encouraged, as we will be discussing the students' observations each day in class. I want all students to be able to participate! Thank you for your help!


The Hour of Code is here
All around the world, schools are participating in the Week of Code. As we look into the future, it is obvious that computer science jobs will be very prevalent, and it is so important that our students are interested in pursuing this area of study! Often times, students don't even know that computer science is an option. The hour of code is a way to expose students to computer science in a FUN and easy way and spark interest that may not otherwise be sparked! Watch the video above to learn more. If you still would like to learn more, visit www.hourofcode.org.

This week, 2B and 2D will participate in the Hour of Code, along with many other classes at Austin Elementary. We are excited to give the students this opportunity. Be sure to ask them how it went at the end of the week!

Lunch Duty Volunteers Wanted!

If you would like to help in the cafeteria, please click on the link below! Our lunch is from 11:45-12:45 on Monday - Thursday, we will not need parent volunteers on Fridays!! If you would like to help us out, please visit the sign up below! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


Schoolwide Enrichment Model

To read more about our SEM journey, please check out the SEM newsletter! https://www.smore.com/5gffg

Great Expectations of the Week

Life Principle: Tenacious

Quote: “The man who removes mountains begins by carrying away small stones." -Chinese Proverb

Healthy Tip: After you eat dinner, wait 10 minutes before you go back for seconds. Sometimes it takes a while for the food you eat to make you feel full.

Important Dates

*December 8th - Parent Learning Walks @ 8:30 AM

*December 17th - Holiday Party @ 2:00 PM

*December 18th - Early release @ 12:50 PM

*December 21st - January 1st - NO SCHOOL! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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