S/IV: A Tactical Move for Learning

S/IV Staff Information and Sign Up

S/IV - Staff Strategically Supporting Students Through iReady!

During each grade level's tactical sessions of reading and math:

Kindergarten Contemplates

First Figures

Second Scrutinizes

Third Thinks

Fourth Focuses

Fifth FINDS: Focuses-Investigates-Notes-Develops-Scores

Maximum Capacity at each session: 65

A Two Week Workshop for Each Grade Level

3rd Grade

2/23 to 3/3

4th Grade

3/9 to 3/24

5th Grade

3/29 to 4/7

K-1st Grade

4/12 to 4/21

2nd Grade

4/26 to 5/5

When: See Chart Above

Days: Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays

Where: PCE Computer Lab and CBT Lab

Time: 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Content Areas: Reading and Math

Attendees: Up to 65 students from each grade level

Staff Members are Needed

10 staff members can earn up $150 for just six sessions lasting only 2 weeks.

Staff members are encouraged to sign up quickly for their grade level of expertise.

Session time must be made up after contracted hours.

This is a HUGE opportunity to take the offensive and build the skills of our students!

SIGN UP using the Google Form Below!

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