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Straightforward Advice on Doing a Free Background Check.

What sources do I have for doing a free background check online?

The answer is simple; Local and state government websites. Pretty much all state, city, and county records can be looked at for free. The plus side is the online background check is free. But the downside is the records are local / location based. This might be enough for some but for a more complete background check you'll need a nationwide record check.

How To Do A 100% Free Local Background Check Online

Whats the reason for your background check?

This is an important question. Often times a background check is done for fun and then there's times its done because we're feeling a little cautious. New boyfriend or girlfriend, babysitter, new landscaper , new neighbors, employee, tenant. What ever the reason maybe. You need to be sure you have all your bases covered. What I mean by that is checking all possible record types and covering multiple locations. This is pretty difficult to do considering you would have to check multiple record agencies (Example: court, criminal, driving, civil, vital, property, social, etc record types) that's a lot of databases to check. Now add the twist of checking every state / county in USA. Most of us simply don't have enough time to manage a background check on such a large scale. When all we really need is a quick background check.
There is a solution for this. Using a professional background check company. What background check companies do is compile all the city, state, and county records into a single system. So with a simple search using a first and last name (Plus Phone Numbers and Emails can be used to do a reverse check) we can now look at much more background data.

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Yes its not free. But it's not super expensive either. Most of us will spend more money on coffee in next few days. There is a reason why top property managers and employers do background checks. Its a smart thing to do. This is how they eliminate risk and losses. We can too.

Now I'm not trying to say a free local background search isn't enough in some cases. When we know what we need and/or looking for its easy to make that assessment. Thats why we made a list of local record source for you here - Freepeoplescan.com. Just remember if you're hitting a wall with your search or feel you need more then just local data; a professional background check company is your best friend (Click Here To See The Best Background Check Companies Online Today)
Find top resources for doing local background checks free.
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Online Background Checks Today.

A background check was once something that was out of reach for ordinary citizens. If such a procedure was possible at all, it consisted of meticulously scouring public records for any relevant information, a process that could take several days. Recent advances in information technology have made a criminal background check easier than ever for the average person. Users can now obtain an instant criminal background check online with nothing more than the subject's name.

People have many purposes for online background checks. Anyone who hires a contractor to do a job, as is commonly done with babysitters or lawn mowers, may wish to have some extra assurance that this person does not have a criminal history. Likewise, small entrepreneurs who do not have an in-house human relations department require a background check service to vet any job applicants. They may also be used by private investors to investigate any potential business partners and protect themselves from con artists, who often have lengthy criminal records.

Demand for background check services has been on the rise in recent years, possibly due to growing concerns about scams and fraud in a shaky economy. Many websites now offer paid and trial free criminal background check service for a very nominal cost.

Some people have expressed concern about identity theft being facilitated by such easy access to background check services. However, many regulations are in place to prevent such abuses. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account information are all excluded from background checks conducted by private companies. So sensitive information isn't available. Typical online background check will consist of public records.