Jacques Pepin

By: Gabriel Sanchez

Background information

Born: December 18, 1935 in Bourgen-Bresse, France.
Family: Jeanne Pepin and Jean Victor Pepin were his parents, and the second of three sons. Nothing much is known about Jacques Pepin's brothers, but their names are Roland and Bichon.
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Culinary School

At the age of 13 Pepin started to work in the kitchen. Later at 17 he moved to Paris to work under Lucian Diat at the Plaza Athenee ,and then later going to Maxim's and Fouquet's. When he moved to the United States he was trying to get his Master of Arts degree in French literature at the University of Columbia.
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Influence and Inspiration

Jacques Pepin became immediately in love with New York when he moved to the US, and when he met James Beard and Julia Child he got a job at one of the best French restaurants Le Pavillon. The main influence in his life was when he cooked with his mother at his parents restaurant, and that is where his journey began.
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Food type and Food Nationality

Jacques Pepin is mostly known for French food. In 1970 Jacques Pepin decided to open up his own soup restaurant, but unfortunately it closed at the end of the decade.
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Claim to Fame

Jacques' claim to fame started in 1993 when Julia Child and him recorded a culinary show that eventually led to multiple shows. The show was called Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. The show became quite popular and won the James Beard Foundation award in 2001. Also that same year the show had won the Daytime Emmy award.
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Books and TV Shows

Jacques Pepin in total has written 20 cookbooks, which are mainly about his television shows, and his life story. One of his books name's is The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen, which was published in 2003.
Before the cooking show with Julia Child. Jacques Pepin had a show he hosted in 1997 that was called Jacques Pepin's Cooking Techniques. He is also currently hosting his 13th Television series of Essential Pepin.
Jacques Pépin Techniques: Proper Knife Skills for Cutting, Chopping and Slicing

Inluence on Modern Cuisine

Jacques Pepin says that his French style of cooking is an American modern cuisine that has many French influences.

Fun Facts

An interesting fact about Jacques Pepin is that the French government award Pepin with the highest honor and holds the title of Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

Another interesting fact is that one of Jacques Pepin's friends who worked for France Secretary of treasury, led Pepin to become a personal chef for three head of the states. One of those people was Charles de Gaulle, a very well known French man at the time during the 1950's. Jacques Pepin had a lot of experience before he came to the US, and obviously cooking is in his blood.

Also something that I wouldn't recommend that Jacques did was that he dropped out of school at the age of 13. Jacques Pepin dropped out mainly because he loved to cook. He went after his dream and made it happen. In modern times dropping out of school isn't a great idea, but people should pursue their dreams through education.