Did containment of communism work?

The development and impact of communism in China

The CPC which stands for Communist party of China, is committed communist. Th CPC wanted to reform industry and agriculture. This party was led by Mao Zedong.

The long march

the long march was when Mao Zedong and his troops were forced out of southern China. Mao's troops had to march 6000 miles west and north to escape. During the March Mao lost many of the men he lost 93000. However he was able to get the support of the many peasant farmers he met across China.

The Great Leap Forward

the Great Leap Forward was when Mao wanted China to become more industrialized. Mao thought he would be able to succeed but he failed because of the rural areas that people lived in causing starvation and people to die.

The cultural revolution

the cultural revolution was when Mao brought change to China through communism. The cultural revolution was to renew the spirit of the Chinese communist revolution. Mao did not want to permit people to focus on the traditions of the past nor did he want citizens to be influenced by the foreign ideas. Other than that, he wanted his people to only celebrate communist government and its ideals.some stuff were banned such as religions, self expressions through the arts were also outlawed. Also the people that mocked the government would be punished if not they'd get killed.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square was where and when the British and French troops invaded. 1954 the gate was demolished .

Korean War and United States involvement

the Korean War was a war between north and South Korea which United States was fighting for the south and while China was fighting for the north of it, which was also assisted by the soviet unions . The war arose from the division of Korea at the end of ww11. Korea was ruled by Japan from 1910 till the closing days of ww11. On August 1945 the Soviet Union declared war on Japan and by agreement with the United States which occupied Korea north of the 38th parallel. Japan had finally surrendered, by 1948 two separate governments were now set up. Niether country accepted the border as permanent . On June 25th 1950 chai ung chais communist divisions from North Korea invaded South Korea over 6 routes. Then by June 1951 the 2nd phase of the war had started.finally was when it was ending, it ended in a stalemate with niether side gaining much . 1953 an armistice was was declared. . North Korea remains a communist country. important people that had to do with this were : chai ung, admiral Arthur d. Struble. , Harry s Truman. , MacArthur ,ect..

Vietnam war and the United States involvement

Some causes of the Vietnam war were the guerrilla war , the Vietnam war was primarily a civil war involving the north Vietnamese communists and the south Vietnamese Vietnam cong fighting against others in south Vietnam.us involvement :: war escalated with the gulf of Tonkin incedint in 1964 when it was said that the north Vietnamese attacked us navy ships.president Lyndon Johnson received support from the U.S. Congress to increase us involvement in the war. 1965 U.S. combat troops were sent to Vietnam. The Vietnamese showed the world that even the United States having the most advanced army and the best equipment , they could still be defeated by a lesser power. The U.S bombed the Vietnamese they bombed both countries to try to destroy the Viet congs hiding places as well as the no chi Minh trail.the war lasted through the terms of 4 presidents. The war had finally ended in 1975 when the south Vietnamese had surrendered before the capture of Saigon by the north Vietnamese army. Vietnam remains a communist country. People that had to do with this war ::ho chi Minh , ngo dinh diem , Dwight Eisenhower , Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon , John f Kennedy,