Support Our Veterans

Zach Snyder- Period 6/7


Our Vets are out putting their life on the line for us. They protect our country and fight for our flag. It doesn't always pay out for them in return. These people need our help. They come back injured and scarred. The least we can do is give them the proper attention they need.

Over 22 Veteran Suicides a Day

This fact is very frightening. About every 65 minutes, someone who has fought for our country decides that they are better off taking their own lives. At least 30% of veterans have thought about suicide and per every 100,000 citizens, there are 14 civilian suicides versus 30 veteran suicides. That is more than double and a huge red flag.

They Serve You. Help Serve Them.

Military Seperation

As much as this sounds like it wouldn't be a problem, it is one of the biggest problems to face as a returning veteran. Being in the military holds a certain lifestyle. Having constant commitment, dedication, routine, and a given set of orders for each day can cause vets to become very accustomed to their own world. Civilians have no idea what it is like being deployed and it is the same way for vets when they return home. They don't know how to be a normal civilian. Their lifestyle is gone and it becomes hard to adapt. They never really return home persay.

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