Antelope Canyon

What should be added to the Heritage Sites list

Basic Information about the Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon is located in South- west America in Navajo Nation east of Arizona. The local tribe is the Navajo tribe and inhabit the Navajo Nation but now, the American government owns the territory. The Antelope Canyon has many other names including the Slot Canyon, Wind Cave, Grotto Cave or 'The Crack'. The canyon is split into two sections, the upper canyon and the lower canyon.

Why Antelope Canyon should be added to the Heritage Sites list

We think the Antelope Canyon should be added to the Heritage Site list because of it's unique mixture of warm colours and how the swirls appears like an optical illusion. We also admire how the Antelope Canyon was created by erosion of Navajo sandstone and how erosion could forge together the Antelope Canyon. We also praise how the Antelope Canyon was first discovered and its special history.


The Antelope Canyon can be classified as a desert because of it's climate and natural features, for instance sand and rock. The Antelope Canyon 's soil is dry and cannot absorb much water. The environment can be classified as a barren environment.
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Unique Features Of the Antelope Canyon

The unique features of the Antelope Canyon is the mix of warm reddish colours and how the canyon makes us see it as optical illusion. It is created in such a way that the swirls

on the walls look like they're flowing pictures.

How the Antelope Canyon was discovered.

The unique story of how the Antelope Canyon was discovered first started in 1931 when a Navajo Tribe girl was herding for sheep in the area and came across the Antelope Canyon.

Flora and Fauna

At the moment, there are no current fauna and flora living in the Antelope Canyon but antelopes did roam around in the canyon once. But now, no type of living thing is able to be found in the canyon.

Environmental Issues

Antelope Canyon's most major issue is the flash flood. Because of this, humans are risking their lives just by entering the canyon. The canyon may be of risk of collapsing also. This just won't damage the canyon and humans but also the area surrounding it and can be destroyed.

Why it must be protected

The canyon must be protected and should be off limits to humans so humans won't have to risk their lives. The area around the canyon must not be destoyed and we must do everything we can to stop the flash flood from happening if there is such thing possible to stop it.

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