The Treasure Map

January 29 - February 1

The Week in Preview

Monday (Jan. 28)2:45 Third grade PLC meeting2:45 First grade PLC meeting2:45 Fourth grade PLC meetingMAP testing window open through Feb. 22Tuesday (Jan. 29)MAP testing window open through Feb. 224:00 Karen's WU class meets here2:45 faculty meeting - Math TEam and ELA TEam updatesTeacher Appreciation Lunch- soup barWednesday (Jan. 30)2:45 Second grade PLC meeting2:45 Fifth grade PLC meetingMAP testing window open through Feb.2211:30-3 Math TEam meeting (Hana and Carman)Thursday (Jan. 31)MAP Testing window open through Feb. 22Stacy Bunchman's birthday!Friday (Feb. 1)MAP testing window open through Feb. 22Sharon Lee's birthday!Rhonda with GT field trip to see The Secret Garden

PLC Focus

PLC Focus

Most grade levels have moved beyond forming and norming within their grade level PLC's. See our PLC book pages 70 and 71 for more information on The Stages of Team Development. With this being said we need to keep moving forward with our PLC efforts. In light of this you will occasionally find a section in the Treasure Map that asks questions for your grade level PLC to discuss during your PLC team meetings.This week we want you to answer these two questions as a grade level and provide us with your feedback. Your responses to these questions will be used for data analysis. The link for the form for you to use to write down your grade level's thoughts on these questions can be found below.1) We would like to look at F and P data in terms of a year's growth, not necessarily meaning a child came to you on grade level, but are children making a year's growth in terms of F and P levels. What does a year's growth look like at your grade level? Please provide specifics, i.e.-a student who moves 5 F and P levels would be considered having made a year's growth.2) What does a 4 look like on the RHSD report card for ELA and Math at your grade level? What evidence are you using to warrant giving student's a 4 on their report card for Math and ELA? (There are children who deserve 4's in all grade levels.)

The Pirate Way.

If you have had students come in with iPads or with their own devices please make sure you have the acceptable use form signed. Also, please let us know if you have devices coming in and how many. We would like to know where we are with this. Please make sure to send home information about the Daddy/Daughter dance which will be February 8, 2013. We want this information to go home quickly especially to those who must choose between this event and the one sponsored by the city. The student council is in charge of this, this is a great way to support these students!Be mindful and check doors constantly. Doors should not be held open with magnets or toggled open. Please alert the office if you see this happening, we will address this!Please do not go outside for recess if the temperature is below freezing.Remember to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to recognize each other for going above and beyond for our students and reward those efforts with a duck!We will soon have a new program in the lab to help students work on typing skills needed for Common Core called Typing Instructor.T-shirt money is due Wednesday, January 29. Please send all orders and money to Ms. Janicke

Have you seen any ducks?

Guidance News

The character trait of the month is FAIRNESS. Be sure to emphasize this in class and choose a student that best represents this trait.

Mrs. McCoy will teach the students that fairness means being objective and trying to understand how others think and feel. Everyone is unique and we should be tolerant of those who are different. Being fair also means following and abiding by all the rules.

K, 1, and 2 Names are due Feb. 27

3,4, and 5 names are due feb. 25

Happy Birthday!

Shout Outs

Thought for the Week

Consistently communicate priorities.