Architect Engineer

By: Luke Thomas Neal

What do we do?

Architects apply science and technology to build a safer, modern, and more technologically friendly buildings and work spaces. We make it safer by enhancing previous buildings and putting them together to make better buildings and work spaces.

What is our average pay?

Our average pay is around $63,000. Which isn't too bad and it can be a fun job.

Where do we work?

We usually work in the office but sometimes we will go outside and map out the size of the building and the space we're working with.

Important things to know!

Some major responsibilities are to make sure the building is safe and doesn't go outside of the space or plot of land. There is certainly a future for architects. Many people want to become builders and design houses and buildings so yes there is definitely a future for architects.

What education is needed?

You need a Bachelor of Architecture and then complete a professional degree program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.
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