Willemstad times

By:matthew taylor

Are report with blind survivor phillip enright

WT:Phillip what is it like being back here in Willemstad?

P:it`s like a new world all my friends seem like 5 year olds now.

WT:why do you think that?

P:I guess I grew up on my journey in the cay.

WT: how do you see black people now?

P:not only do I see them as people I see them as friends.

WT:Wow so what did you see or feel on the raft when you feel in the water?

P:Well I couldn't see at all haha but I felt like that was the end I didn't feel like I would make it through.

WT:haha of course you couldn't so how exactly did you become blind ?

P:When are ship got torpedoed I fell and hit my head later becoming blind.

WT:how long were you on the island ?

P:I was on the island for about 5 mouths.

WT:how do you know?

P:Me and timothy kept a can and put pebbles in it and counted them adding up to 5 months.

WT:do you plan on visiting timothy's grave?

P:I plan to go back to the cay close my eyes and I know it was the cay where timothy is.

WT:what was the scariest part of your adventure?

P:I would have to say falling in the water not being able to see.

WT:ok last one what was your biggest memory of the cay?

P: probably just standing there saying were going home timothy I knew he wasn't there but it felt right.

Timothys obituary

Timothy was an orphan then raised by Hanna gumbs working as a deckhand on the s.s hato when little he tried to become a cabin boy but they took a whit boy instead later getting a job on another ship. timothy was a great person with great qualities like his survival skills and his help letting Phillip survive on the cay.here is what Phillip said about Timothys death "he was pertecting me from the hurricane for two hours then another two after the eye of the hurricane it was over i went over to him and he didn`t sound to good in a few minutes he was dead.

R.I.P Timothy


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natinal news

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