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  • increases nations wealth and security by imposing government intervention and regulation
  • Equality


  • waste

Columbian Exchange/The Internet


  • Tobacco, potatoes and turkeys came to Europe from America. In exchange, Europeans brought wheat, measles and horse
  • It helped to increase food production


  • Sickness traveled fast


Why Is It Important To Know This?

SO WHAT? (Internet)

The Internet has both positive and negative effects.

The internet allows us to meet new people, discover new things and order different items. People who use the internet can either become really smart or really "dumb". The things people see on the can influence them in good or bad ways, for example you could see someone being cyber bullied and you wouldn't do anything or you could be the people bullying but you might think its okay because it could be anonymous and no one would know it was you, or it could be positive and you could meet new friends and learn from different things on the internet.

SO WHAT? (Capitalism/Mercantilism)

Capitalism & Mercantilism both also have negative and positive effects.

They trade for different items from different places around the world so its cheaper ignoring how the people in those other places work environments are.


I believe like we all can use this information to make the World a better place in many ways. first off, its good now that we know this and we could do things. i feel like now that we know this we can grow and improve as a global community in a few ways.

For example, now that little kids used to have very hard lives and worked in sweatshops we could do something about it and stop it from occurring. How to help : https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/

Also like how, inequality creates social division. Societies which are highly unequal create resentment and social division. how to help: http://www.economicshelp.org/blog/5002/economics/pros-and-cons-of-capitalism/


Capitalism vs. Child Labor. Alex Epstein visits Occupy Orange County