February 12, 2016

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Resources that have been reviewed by Common Sense Graphite

The following three resources were found using Common Sense Graphite.

The Knotted Line

This project has three major components:
  • A tactile, interactive experience for exploring the historical relationships between freedom and confinement. We recommend exploring this part first (requires Flash).
  • This site, a collection of media and resources which can be navigated using the menu to the left. The Timeline has pages with more information on every historical moment in The Knotted Line.
What is it? These two videos give a great introduction:
3 min and 9 min.

Make Beliefs Comix

Create your own comic strips
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Other Resources

Unplag Allows Students To Check Papers for Plagiarism

Check how original is your article


Make sure your story is original. Make sure it was not copied without your permission.

Professional Development

Spring Apple PD dates: TNL #s and room locations coming soon. All sessions at ADR.

  • Feb. 16th: 3:30-5:00 Becoming an OS X Power User for Learning and Teaching (1.5 hours)
  • Discover how to make the most effective use of your device as a tool for learning and teaching. Get to know the fundamentals, powerful features, settings, and educational learning resources built into every Apple operating system

  • March 8th (part 1) and March 22nd (part 2) 3:30-5:00

  • Capturing and Sharing Learning with iPhoto and Photo (3 hours)
  • Learn how to use Photo to engage learners and develop their creativity by capturing, organizing, editing, and sharing photos for learning projects.


Canvas Updates January 2016

ISS switched over to the new User Interface (UI) on 1/19/2016. Currently there is a button on the top right of the Dashboard which allows users to toggle between the new and old interface. Features available in the new UI

  • 1) Personalization ­ Users may click on the gear to change the color and give the course a nickname.
  • 2) ePub ­ ePub allows offline viewing. Great for students without Internet access at home! From Canvas Guides.
  • 3) Post to SIS ­ is now on by default for assignments, quizzes and graded discussions.
  • 4) Grades ­ Learning Mastery and Student Mastery may be turned on to allow teachers to track standards rather than Grades.
  • 5) Grades ­ Multiple Grading Periods may be turned on. This will allow teachers to select and see the assignments in the current grading period rather than the entire gradebook.
For more information on the new Canvas User Interface follow the links below

Coming Soon

After the state (DPI) updates to a newer version of PowerSchool, groups in Canvas may be set up to match categories in PowerSchool. This means when you set up Canvas Grades (gradebook) your Names of Groups (Categories) and Weighting will be able to sync to PowerSchool.

It is NOT recommended to make this switch if you already have grades in your gradebook for the term. Grades may be lost.

Grant Opportunities

Food For Thought

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ERPD Day - 2/17/15

Lunch will be provided. More details to follow. Please bring your own drinks.

Everyone is on campus, except:

EC teachers

MS Counselors

Please make sure you are not using copyrighted materials


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Revised Calendar

Click here for the calendar for the rest of the year.

AdvancEd site visit is April 25th – 27th