Take Us to Your READERS!

Books big or small You can Read them ALL!

My motivation plan for All Learners!

Teachers are learners and planners. As teachers we plan learning opportunities that foster love of reading through exposure to quality literature. Literature circles, research projects, guided reading, read aloud and independent reading ,all have one goal and that is Promote literacy in classroom. Opportunities for independent and personal reading expands student thinking and deepens their motivation to learn and help them develop life long reading habits. As teachers we need to value personal reading and give students the opportunity to read self-selected texts independently. When we show students how to use the features of informational text to access, evaluate, and use information from a range of sources as they pursue a variety of topics.

Accountable talk-When we provide opportunities for accountable talk students are empowered to become independent learners. This practice offers students opportunities to explain what they know and, in turn, provides us insight into students' thinking. It also presents us with multiple opportunities to collect a range of assessment data in the forms of conversations and observations, rather than solely products. The Accountable talk offers students multiple ways to demonstrate their learning

Let's pick the Right Book !

Can't find the Right book? Then u have come to the right place. We will help u find the book that u will sink into! Here is a tip to pick the right book for U!

It's called ''I P.I.C.K.''

I=I choose a book

P=Purpose, why am I reading this?

I=Interest, do I want to read this?

C=Comprehend, do I understand what I am reading?

K=Knowing, do I know most of the words?

Bringing Close Reading and Accountable Talk into an Interactive Read Aloud of Gorillas (3-5)

My Bag of Tricks!

  1. Just Like Me”
  2. Diversegories
  3. Established Group Norms
  4. Air-traffic controller
  5. Dotmocracy
  6. Success Criteria
  7. Poetry Slam
  8. Fish Bowl
  9. Rhythm clap
Letter A Song

Guest Speakers !

We had the pleasure to listen to the following two amazing guest speakers:

  • Kaylene Brar: Strategies for effective implementation of Running Records.

  • Melanie Mulcaster: Introduction to some of the very useful apps that can be incorporated in everyday teaching to promote interactive learning. I will be busy this summer trying them with my kids

Field Trips

  • 1. Experience at the Professional Library - It was a good experience exploring the collection of resources for independent study at the professional library. They were very helpful.
  • 2. Another Story Bookstore - Looking forward to another wonderful experience as we will be on a treasure hunt of books!