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Hi Everyone,

My daughter started her college applications recently. She needed to write a personal statement that explains who she is to the admissions counselors. Her opening line read, “God, I love school supplies!” She is obviously my child. At my house, we mark the new year each year at the start of the school year much more than January 1st. There is excitement, schedules, color coding systems (which never last), and of course new school supplies. Honestly, this year has been different for me. While I am so excited to be back at school, I would be lying to say I haven’t been nervous. So much is different, from drop off and pick-up, to lunch, to specials to the setup of the classrooms.

Well, we have been back two full days and I learned (or was reminded) our students, families, and staff are AMAZING. I couldn’t be prouder of how everyone has managed the new routines and expectations. The students are practicing the 4Bs everywhere I look! The teachers continue to support students in the best way possible. A huge thank you to our families who have been so patient with the new drop off and pick up routines. We get faster each time.

We look forward to Tuesday when F2F students are back in the school and virtual classes begin! Ms. Ganz and I have all next week blocked off to meet with individual classes both virtually and F2F. It will be very nice to spend time with our Montgomery students.

I hope you all have a relaxing and restful weekend. I am going to spend some time using my new colored gel pens! I love school supplies too.




On August 25 more than 1,100 books were gifted to Sycamore PK-4 teachers. The books were purchased with funds raised this summer through the Diverse Books for Sycamore campaign. This program, organized by three Sycamore supporters, was launched in early June to raise money to put more diverse books in our elementary school classrooms. Community members and friends donated over $11,000 to fund this project. This donation was amplified by our partner, Blue Manatee Literacy Project, who will donate one book for every book that was purchased to a child or teacher in need in the greater Cincinnati area as part of their on going mission.

If you are interested to purchase some of these titles for your home, Blue Manatee has created a portal for Sycamore families listing some of the popular titles that teachers chose for their classrooms (and a few added adult titles as well!). Use the code SYCAMORE20 for a 20% discount.


Temperature checks will be done each day for all students as they enter the building. The district purchased scanners which will be positioned at all entrances students enter. If a child has a fever a staff member will accompany them to Nurse Linton and you will be required to come and pick your child up immediately. Guidelines in the Healthy Back to School 2020 Plan will be adhered to all school year.

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Welcome back Montgomery Families! I have missed you.

Throughout the school year, it is my goal to provide you with online resources related to media. Whether you are a virtual learner, a face to face learner, a learning partner, sibling or parent, we all need access to reading material so that our hearts and minds continue to grow!

This first posting encourages you to utilize our Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library.

Each student should have their own library card.

Here is a link to the online application if needed:

I will be working with face to face students here at school to teach them how to independently use this resource. In order to do this, I will need to keep library card information on file. If you are a face to face learner, please fill out this google form as soon as possible:

Finally, here are step by step instructions on how to access Overdrive, BookFlix, and Tumblebooks through the public library website.

Wondering what Overdrive, BookFlix, and Tumblebooks have to offer? I'm glad you asked...

Overdrive provides thousands of digital titles for direct download to your device. You will find Ebooks, audiobooks, streaming videos, and animated picture books for kids.

Streaming versions of classic storybooks paired with related nonfiction titles.

Over 1100 titles for grades K-6 include animated picture books, read-along chapter books, graphic novels, fiction and nonfiction books

Online Meal Ordering

My Meal Order will not be available for pre-order until September 1st. You will need to place orders for the district transition days on September 1st.

Click Here for How to Order Meals Video

Step 1- Account Setup

1. Go to and create a free account.

2. Enter in your information and create a password. Account information can be edited at


3. Add students you will be ordering meals for.

*Please click subscribe when you are asked if you would like to subscribe. This will allow you to receive email notifications if there is a menu change due to food outages*

Step 2 - Select Meals

1. Meals can be viewed from either the weekly or monthly calendar view.

2. Meal details can be seen for each item by clicking ‘Meal Details."

3. Click ‘Add to Cart' to add meal(s) to your cart. This will add the entire meal to your cart. To see items included in the meal, click 'Meal Details.’

4. To remove from cart, click ‘Remove from Cart.’

Step 3 - Order Online

1. View your cart anytime by clicking the ‘View Cart’ green tab on the right hand side of the


2. Checkout

3. Review Order

4. Place Order

• If payment is expected at the time/location of meal service, or if your child qualifies for free

meals, your total will be $0.00. This is because payment will NOT be taken within My Meal Order. We will handle payment the same as in years past. Money can be put on accounts via parent portal or by sending in cash or check with your student. This year, please send cash or check in an envelope marked LUNCH ACCOUNT and include the student’s name and ID#. This will be sent to the office each morning and collected by the kitchen staff.

We hope you will utilize this online meal ordering software from your Child Nutrition program

regularly. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Child Nutrition Department at (513)-686-1796.



Parents will pre-order breakfast for their students WEEKLY. Orders will need to be placed by Noon the Friday before the next week. Parents are able to order all meals up to a month in advance if they so please.

Example- Mark’s parent(s) would have to place his breakfast order by September 11th at 12:00pm for him to receive a breakfast on September 14th upon arrival to school.

** If Mark does not show up for school, his breakfast will not be charged to his account.

***If Sally, Mark’s classmate, forgets to order breakfast, but needs one the student will let one of the staff members in the cafeteria that morning know and we will get them one.

Upon arrival to school, students who need breakfast will make their way to the cafeteria. Students will sit at the cafeteria at tables, physically distanced, by bus number with other students from their bus. The students who were dropped off will have a designated area to sit as well. Staff members will hand out the pre-ordered breakfast meals to the students.



Parents will pre-order lunch for their student(s) WEEKLY. Orders will need to be placed by Noon the Friday before the next week. Parents are able to order all meals up to a month in advance if they so please. A la carte drinks and snacks will be able to be pre-ordered at this time as well.

Example- Mark’s parent(s) would have to place his lunch order by September 11th at 12:00pm for him to receive a lunch on September 14th.

** If Mark does not show up for school, his lunch will not be prepared that day, and he will not be charged.

Students will be led to the lunchroom by classroom and sit in their assigned spots. Staff on lunch duty, along with a Child Nutrition employee, will help pass out meals to students.

Money- Cash/Checks needs to be sent to school with your student in an envelope marked LUNCH ACCOUNT with the student name and ID#. The student will turn their money into their homeroom teacher and it will all be sent down to the office. Money will be placed on student accounts before lunchtime each day. This is just an additional precaution to keep our students and staff as safe as possible.

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By this time next week, we hope you will be settling into a new rhythm and routine with the return of learning. We know this year poses new and unusual challenges, and sometimes kids will need additional support. While learning from your home, the services we provide to support social and emotional health will still be accessible to your child.

Our school counselors can provide guidance for struggles that are anticipated to be short term. Your child’s counselor is based on their home school, and in some cases, also their last name or grade level. Should your child encounter day to day struggles and need some extra support with topics such as friendships, feeling overwhelmed, or feelings of sadness, our school counselors are here to offer guidance.

When those feelings become more pervasive or interfere with daily living, our school-based therapists from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are here to serve as well. Parents, teachers, and school counselors can make student referrals for service. Students can also self refer for services. Students and families needing services can cover therapy visits through private insurance, Medicaid, or private pay options. Assistance may be available for families experiencing financial difficulty. Ultimately, the decision to move forward with therapeutic services is up to the family.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital offers medication management services to families engaged in school-based therapy. Medication management services are delivered by an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). The APRN will continue to serve students in the school-based program at Sycamore in 2020-2021. At this time, face to face and telehealth appointments are available. If parents are interested in engaging with medication management services, parents can schedule appointments directly through their building therapist. To receive these services, students must be active clients of the school-based therapist.

To discuss services available or with questions regarding services, Lisa Zelvy, Pupil Services Supervisor, can be reached at (513) 686-1700 or

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