Mister Orange

Abigail MacKrell, HLA 7, March 23, 2015

Mister Orange

Truus Matti

Linus Muller

Linus Muller, 12, lives above his family's small grocery store in New York. He and his family work hard and support each other. Linus's oldest brother, Albert, is in the military, so now Linus gets a new job; to deliver fruit to customers.
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New York

Mister Orange takes place in a local family-owned grocery store in New York during World War II beginning in March, 1943. Also, the book takes place in an artist's apartment that is painted only in red, yellow, and blue.


Mister Orange is about the Muller family as their oldest son, Albert, fights in World War II. After he leaves, each of the five children get a new job that used to be their older sibling's. This means the second oldest, Simon, gets Albert's old job, the third oldest, Linus, gets Simon's old job, and so on. Linus now has to deliver fresh fruits to customers around the city.

The Batchelder Award

The Batchelder Award is an award for a children's book thought to be the best translated book of the year. This award was made in 1966 in honor of Mildred L. Batchelder. The award is to be given to a book in which "primary attention is directed to the text." Also, a picture book can be considered if it has text equally as important as pictures. Folk literature can not be considered. Finally, the children's book should have a feeling that the book was from another country.

Truus Matti

Truus Matti was born in 1961 and wrote two awarded novels. Her first novel was Departure Time. It was a 2011 Batchelder Honor Book and ALA Notable Book in 2011. Her second book was Mister Orange and it won the 2014 Batchelder Award. When she was little, Truus imagined everyone wished to be a writer like she was. She became an editor because she thought it was more sensible to read books than to create them. She was an editor at numerous places, one including Frederik Muller Academy. After becoming an editor, she was too preoccupied to have the desire to write anymore. She eventually attended an art school where she would create movies and sketch. Truus in time would begin to write again. Now she has two books that have received notice.

My Thoughts

I loved the book. It is a great story and was written well. This is an award winning book because it was a great book that was translated. It was believed to be the best translated book of 2014. I think it fits all of the criteria. It was one of the best books I have ever read.