Immigration to Texas


African Immigration

Africa had many problem. Such as poverty and diseases. They had little or no water and no food. They struggled with slavery and other problems. They moved to Texas in 826 through 1836. They settled Eastern and the lower south of Texas. They struggled with endless conflicts and no true leadership.


African people celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Day of good will. They also celebrated Christmas Day and National Woman's Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is where they celebrate the equality of both black and whites. National Woman's day is where woman celebrate their rights. Such as voting and having a job. They also celebrate Christmas Day when Jesus was born.


African have many foods that are very healthy. Such as bananas, rice, beans, beef, goat and many other types of food. They eat mainly starch based foods. They give serious attention to what they eat. They eat fish and pork and they season it with garlic, curry and cloves. They eat tons of vegetables such as black-eyed peas, cabbage, groundnuts and watermelon.