video games

it's what known in the world

What are Video Games

video games have consoles that you insert the disc of the game. Video games are made up

of multiple programming, components, and a big budget. An example of a video game is infamous and a game console is a ps4.

Pc Gaming and console Gaming

There are many ways to play video games but two types of gaming; pc gaming and console gaming. The difference between them is that pc gaming is using multiple controls with the keyboard. In console gaming your just using 14 controls but playing in the tv. These two are similar because you can use a console controller in both pc and console gaming.

The Problem with BO3

Black ops 3 in multiplayer is annoying because of the players. The players are using smg's

which are too o.p and are in the glitches because of Treyarch. What Treyarch need to do is decrease the fire power on most of the smg's and get rid of the glitches so nobody gets annoyed and rage quit the game

How video games affect the people

Video games were created by people's ideas. Ever since people have played video games it has been like history that now there are tournaments for video games . So people in this time still and always be playing video games.

"Gaming is Greatness"