LEISD Advanced Academics

AVID, Advanced Placement, PAP, Dual Credit and GT


Checkpoints: We will be working on adding standards and tracking student success in our Advanced Placement classes. This will be ready for you beginning in the second nine weeks.

YOU will still have autonomy in the assessments you give-this change will only affect the way we see data in Eduphoria. More information will be provided to AP teachers from your content coordinators. Training will be provided.

Summer Assignments? Already?

Although we have not even finished collecting and grading summer assignments-it is time to start planning for 2016-2017. It is our goal to have these published along with the course guide. Please consider the following when crafting your assignment.

  • Rigor/Relevance Framework: We want to ensure that what students are doing as their first impression of our most rigorous classes is both challenging and relevant.
  • Assignments should be meaningful building blocks or prerequisite skills needed for success in your class.
  • Summer Assignments are not intended to be gate-keepers, but rather scaffolds for student success.
  • Format: Please use this format guide to ensure consistency within our program.

  • All Summer Assignments for AP/PAP are due by December 1.
  • All AP Classes and PAP ELAR will need create a Summer Assignment.
  • PAP Courses in all other content area must be pre-approved by your content coordinator.

Please drop directly into 2016-17 Summer Assignment Folder. Assignments will be reviewed by content coordinators prior to submission in the course guide.

Advanced Academics Campus Liaison

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being the AA Liaison for your campus.

Summer Professional Learning:

If you attended College Board/OnRamps/GT Training this summer, please upload your certificate and hours to Eduphoria. Please also turn in a copy of your certificate to your administrator.
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How AVID Supports YOU!

Our AVID Elective teachers are here to help support your students! All of our AVID students are required to take advanced courses, so these are students that we share. They are also a resource for instructional strategies that will help ALL of your students learn at higher levels.

Click HERE for a resource full of strategies that promote Critical Thinking and Engagement.

Legislative Updates:

Texas HB 1992: Effective Fall 2016

HB 1992 requires state universities to accept a 3 on AP Tests for college credit. The exception is for courses deemed as prerequisite for a higher level course by the university. The exceptions will be determined by the accrediting university.

We need to make sure our students KNOW and understand how this change truly affects their college credit hours.

Send this student flyer to your AP Classes: https://www.smore.com/wnhqz

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This new legislation could award college credit to 109 additional tests taken in 2015. Raising our students' percentage of credit earned from 18% to 49%.

HB 505: Effective Immediately

HB 505 allows students to take as many dual credit courses as they would like while still in high school. This should help us grow our DC and OnRamps programs-and also makes it so important to continue to pursue embedded instructors for as many courses as possible.

Link to press release: http://www.estes.senate.state.tx.us/pr15/p052515b.pdf

OnRamps Appropriation

This legislative session an appropriation was passed to reimburse all student cost associated with offering OnRamps dual-enrollment courses. Wording from Bill:

  • The Commissioner shall set aside $2,000,000 in each fiscal year of the 2016-17 biennium to reimburse districts for costs related to students taking On Ramps Dual Enrollment courses.

We are still waiting to hear from TEA to delineate process and rules, but this should reopen access to this phenomenal program for our students.