Smore project


Quote Analysis

Quote: “He saw that straight flight was futile; inevitably it would bring him face to face with the sea he was in a picture with a frame of water, and his operations, clearly, must take place within that frame.


Analysis: If the citizens were in control , Rainsford at this time wouldn’t of had to go one on one with Zaroff and the hunt wouldn’t of been so dangerous and violent. Playing the hunting game with General Zaroff led Rainsford to struggle several times. Rainsford didn’t know the land so that was a disadvantage for him leaving Zaroff with several advantages.

Quote: "You didn't give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn't fair”(Jackson4 !)

Analysis: If the people in the town made all the rules , they could all decide on if they want to continue with the lottery or not . Mrs. Hutchinson brought up that the other towns near them got rid of the lottery trying to give an idea to put an end to it. The people[DC2] were claiming he didn’t have time to pick a ticket. If they made the rules nobody would argue about the way the lottery works.

Thesis statement

  • : Citizens should be allowed to make most of the laws in their community.


  • In "The Most Dangerous Game " and "The Lottery" both demonstrates a conflict involving the people in the town which results in death. Zaroff died when Rainsford beat him in his hunting game on his land when his hunting skills were better than Rainsford. Also in “The Lottery” Mrs. Hutchinson died when the people in the town threw stones at her after she won the lottery to die to decrease the population in the small town every year.

Article 1

This article relates to my thesis because it talks about how they want the citizens to understand the laws they make. They want them to explain how they feel about the rules and give them their opinion which effects how they are going to talk about new rules.

Article 2

This article relates to my thesis because if the citizens did make the rules they would all comprehend them and follow and respect the rules because they are the ones that came up with them.


I think citizens should be able to come up with all the rules in the community they live in. I think this would be a better idea because I think they would follow the rules much more. The points most important to me are going to college for free. I'm most scared of