Governing the Country, One Legisation at a Time

Job Description

A prime minister--in most countries the head of government. In a country like Australia where we have no President the Prime Minister leads the country. These leaders must be prepared for scrutiny from media, from citizens and from other countries.


The constitution or any other legislation doesn't have a strict criteria as to what qualifications a Prime Minister should have. But all Prime Minister have graduated from university or college. The most common degrees are in law, arts, economics, international relations and politics. To be a Prime Minister of Australia you need toe an Australian Citizen and a Member of Parliament.

Payment for Education

I guess i will be very dependent on my parents to pay my fees for university. I could always get a student loan if I decide to do more post graduate degrees in university.

Specific Skills Required

There are many skills required tofulfill the role of Prime Minister. Prime ministers are required to have a vast understanding of a country's economic policies, cultural influence and general demographics.Prime Ministers need to be confident speakers, comfortable with the media and be ready for criticism. It always helps when a prime Minister's sly after all politics is like a game of chess.

Type of Employment

Being the Prime Minister is a full-time job.

A full-time work is permanent work that is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 48 weeks of the year with four weeks paid annual leave.

However full-time work for a Prime Minister is a bit different, for instance its not a permanent job, just won you have from the day your elected to the end of the next election. Often work lasts longer than 8 hours a day.

Approximate Income

The current income of our Prime Minister is $470,000

However most leaders do not make that much money.

What interest me about this job?

I have always wanted to be a leader, I love the of having a say in what happens in our country and would be so honoured to play a role in that. Basically I want to bring change and lead the nation.

I wasn't always into politics but since I love public speaking, leading, and debating I thought why not?

I know its a really difficult goal but someone's got to lead the country!

I believe it would be the perfect job for me and if I don't become the Prime Minister maybe I will end up as treasurer.