The Bast Weekly Blast

Week of April 4, 2016

3rd Grade Rocks!!


Happy Monday!!

We have a busy week ahead of us!! I hope everyone is ready to tackle it!! I wanted to take a minute to fill you in about our MAP Testing Prep that is underway. I want to assure you that we are continuing to learn new concepts and information, but we are also reviewing the concepts and skills learned throughout the year. We are taking intervention to time to practice previously learned skills. Currently we are also using the small amount of Science/Social Studies time to brush up on grammar skills. Science and Social Studies will be worked in through reading passages and math time, whenever possible.

I wanted to let you know, so you would be aware if your child mentions the prep time. We will be using every second of every day to learn and practice as much as we can. Students are doing an amazing job, and I am very proud of their hard work. We are trying to add in brain breaks and other activities to break up the sitting at their desk with a pencil and paper routine. We are continuing to do a lot of partner/group work, as well as around the room activities.

Some Reminders:

Don't forget! Our Field Trip to the Magic House is on Thursday, April 7th! Permission slips and money are due TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 5th! If you are wanting to accompany us, the cost is $6 per person and you must have an up-to-date background check on file with the office.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th is also our Compliment Jar Celebration. We will be having a Electronics/Game Party at the end of the day. Students may bring a small electronic for that time.

Wednesday is an Early Release Day! Please let me know if you have dismissal/transportation changes.

Friday is our Pizza/Ice Cream Party for the Pennies from Heaven Campaign. This will NOT take the place of our normal lunch.


Have a terrific week!


Ms. Bast

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Pennies from Heaven for Agape!

Pennies from Heaven was a HUGE success! The district raised over $3,000 for Agape!! That is amazing Warriors!! students will find out today, our class raised the most at Warrior Ridge and more than an any other class in the entire district!! We raised a total of $ 253.13!! That is absolutely AMAZING!! I am so proud of everyone's hard work with taking Reading Counts Quizzes, working hard on eValuate Testing, doing chores at home, and gathering pennies and change from their families!

You ALL are wonderful! It is such a tremendous feeling to know we helped so many friends with our hard work!

Our Pizza and Ice Cream Party will be on Friday, April 8th!!

Way to go friends!!

Exciting NEWS!!!!

Our class now has a Facebook page!! A flyer came home last week to let everyone know and give everyone the FB address, so you could all go out and like our page.

I will be posting upcoming events, photos from class activities and events, videos for homework help, reminders, and much more!!

Our FB address is:

Check it out!!

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Electronics/Chrome Book Party

We are working on filling our Positive Mindset/Compliment Jar again! We are working toward a Electronics/Chrome Book Party!!

Our class earns marbles for compliments from other teachers and adults, persevering even though it's challenging, and encouraging one another in class. Students have done an outstanding job following the Big 3 in Specials and in the hallway. We earn compliments almost every day for how nice our line looks and sounds.

Keep those thoughts and actions positive!!

Reading Counts

We are loving the class incentives for Reading Counts points!! Not to mention, all this reading is earning serious coin for Agape!

Keep up the fabulous work!!

Get reading and taking those quizzes!! I know you can do it!!

Scholastic Book Orders!!

Did you know?!

You can order Scholastic books online at! It is super easy to set up an account! Once you have set it up, you are ready to get ordering. Our class code is: HXT26.

I have requested some paper book club forms, but haven't received them yet! So, this is an easy way to buy books for your child. No checks to fear of the check getting losing the order forms. Just a few clicks and payment information and Viola! You are finished!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

This Week's Spelling Words

Spelling Pattern(s):


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A Sneak Peek at What This Week Brings!

Monday 04-04:

  • Mysteries
  • Practice Smarter Balance Testing Tools
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Homophones
  • Addition with/without Regrouping Review & Practice
  • Pronouns

Tuesday 04-05:

  • Mysteries
  • Writing Story Conclusions
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Homophones
  • Subtraction with and without Regrouping Practice
  • Pronouns

Wednesday 04-06:

  • Mysteries
  • Writing Story Conclusions
  • Adding/Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators
  • Homophones

Thursday 04-07:

  • Field Trip to the Magic House!!

Friday 04-08:

  • Mysteries
  • Writing Story Conclusions
  • Fractions Assessment
  • Homophones Assessment
  • Mixed Addition/Subtraction With/Without Regrouping Practice
  • Pronoun Assessment


Students will be bringing home a reading log with a response section at the bottom on one side and their assignment grid on the other. Students should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes each night.

In addition, students need to be practicing their multiplication & division facts. When they leave Third Grade, they should be able to recite them without thinking about it. They need to know them very well for the MAP test. They need to be able to look at a problem like 8 x ____ = 64 and immediately know that the missing factor is 8.

We will be having a Third Grade Multiplication Showdown at the end of the year.

Any additional homework assigned SHOULD be written on the log. The students are tasked with doing this each day. It is their responsibility to make sure the assignment log is filled out before they leave each day. I am trying to keep this to a minimum with all the work we are doing in class. I would prefer they focus on their reading time and practicing multiplication and division facts each night.

Homework Passes: Students must receive permission in advance for using a Homework Pass on individual assignments. Students can use a Homework Pass on the reading response section on the assignment sheet, but not on the reading log.


Front Row Ed

Below is a link to Front Row Ed. We use it in class to practice both Math & Reading Skills. Students can access it at home as well. It is as simple as entering their first and last names and our class code: 8pp5az (all lowercase, no spaces).

This is a great website for students to practice the skills we are learning in class. It is very similar to the eValuate test we take every month and the MAP test we will be taking in the Spring. We can use all the practice we can get to reach those proficient scores!

I assign math and reading to the class for intervention time. In the coming weeks, students will begin having a homework assignment on Front Row as well. If a student does not have access to the internet at home, please send me a note and I will make sure he or she has time to complete the assignment in class.

Have your child sign in and show you around!!

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Field Trip to Magic House

Thursday, April 7th, 8:30am

516 South Kirkwood Road

St. Louis, MO

Permissions slips and money are due no later than Tuesday, April 5th!!

Parent volunteers must have an up-to-date background check on file with the office! The cost for parents to attend the field trip is also $6.00.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring your sack lunch!!
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Attitude of the Month: Tolerance

Understanding, accepting, and appreciating the differences in each other

Ms. Christy Bast

This is my fifth year teaching; my first year in Third Grade. I live in O'fallon, and I have a six-year old Boxer named Sophie. I love to read, write, and draw. I also like to go hiking, take Sophie to the dog park or on a walk, and I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Sophie and I are lucky to share our lives with Anabelle (8), William (6), and Charlotte (4) and their dad. We like to spend our family times exploring parks, swimming, watching movies, creating art projects, and attending lots of extracurricular events. Anabelle loves Cheer and is looking forward to joining the Sign Language club this year. William is a soccer star in the making. He is training to be a goalie!! Charlotte is our little dancer. She has some sassy little dance moves she loves to show off. All in all, we keep ourselves busy!!

I am pleased to be your child's teacher this year. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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