ActivBeat 2.0 Review - Does It Work

Does ActivBeat 2.0 Work? Read Our Special Report

Music is good for the soul and, sometimes, you want to enjoy quality music without interference from surrounding noisy surroundings. It's easy to walk into a shop and grab a pair of headsets and convince yourself that you're all set for some good music experience, only to be disappointed later. If you've had such nasty experiences with headphones, ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headphones are what you need.

This is a review of the best wireless headphone that comes with a noise-cancellation capability to give you the comfy and best listening experience.

What is ActivBeat 2.0

ActivBeat 2.0 is the top of the range noise-canceling headsets of all times for all your noise-free listening needs. The headphone set is a combination of style and technology that is customized to ensure you enjoy music free from any interference. It has the latest tech features such as the Active Noise Cancelling Technology, a 4.2 Bluetooth capability, to mention but a few. The headphones are easy to handle and, unlike its shy competitors, it comes at a slashed down price almost half than the typical headphones.

ActivBeat 2.0 delivers what it promises. The wireless headphones are unique in their design – they come larger in size but fitted with 57mm speakers that give quality audible sound to your ears. With the Anti-noise capability, they are designed to minimize distortion and give you a cool bass to make you feel the music. With ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headsets, you enjoy a mix of balanced sound – mid, low, and high frequencies are all impressively designed to work with any audio.

Why Do I need ActivBeat 2.0 Headphones?

There is a myriad reason why ActivBeat 2.0 headphones are the best fit for lovers of music. The conventional headphone brands go out of their way to pimp their headsets with shouting colors for appeal and sales. Many headphones glitter on the outside but deliver poor sound when it comes to quality. Not so with ActivBeat 2.0, Neither design nor quality is compromised. ActivBeat 2.0 is the kind that will bring your favorite concert right to your ears without any sound distortion.

The best music experience is when you can listen to your favorite hits free from external noise interference. That is precisely what ActivBeat 2.0 offers you. Its Active Noise Control feature makes it stand out as it helps reduce the external noise by cancellation method. It has noise-filtering material fitted in to ensure there is no distortion in the sound quality.

Sometimes you want to escape the noise in the streets or the rumbling of the train, and I can assure you that ordinary headphones will not be of any help. However, when you have ActivBeat 2.0, you are immersed in the world of your favorite music or podcast, and the rest of the world is shut out there.

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Ratings and Benefits of ActivBeat 2.0

While many headphone vendors will do anything to make a sale, most of them do not live up to the promises they make about their devices. With ActivBeat 2.0, we test to verify that what we offer you is the best of the best.

For example, we tested the number of hours that ActivBeat 2.0 headphones can last while on standby mode. We charged the device to full charge and set it on standby to see how long it'd last. A whopping 650 hours! We set it on standby to see how long it'd last. A whopping 650 hours! Yes, a whole 27 days! The ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headphones proved to last close to a month while on standby mode.

Another proof is from customer reviews; we were on the quest to know how long ActivBeat 2.0 would last while playing music nonstop. After charging the headsets to capacity, our customer reports in a review that the device lasted 16 hours playing nonstop music. Another customer review revealed that the same number of hours while playing music via Bluetooth. All the results from the tests were in tandem with the manufacturer’s claim about ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headsets.

Benefits of the ActivBeat 2.0 include:

  • Have the latest Bluetooth 4.2 capability
  • Fitted with the Active Noise Cancellation Control feature
  • Can last 650 hours on standby mode
  • Immersing Stereo Surround sound system
  • It is compatible with both iPhone and Android System
  • Can last 16+ hours of uninterrupted music
  • It has a fast-charging cable which can charge for 10 minutes and last for 3 hours of music
  • Uses a Type C USB Charging port
  • Has the top of the range base from the 57mm speakers

Features of ActivBeat 2.0 Wireless Headphones

1. Active Noise Cancellation Tech

The ActivBeat 2.0 device adopts the latest ANC technology, which is an algorithm that measures the external white noise and counters it by canceling it out. The way it works is by creating counter sound waves against the incoming soundwaves from the incoming waves from the external noise source. This is called destructive interference (for those who remember high school physics). The result is that ActivBeat 2.0 brings you clean and quality sounds free from external noise interference.

2. Vector Flow Technology

ActivBeat 2.0 is uniquely designed with the vector flow tech, where it has a ventilated rear chamber on both ear cups. The chambers are customized to push air out and equalize the air pressure on either side of the ear cups. This technique ensures that you enjoy enhanced bass and unmatched sound quality.

3. Bluetooth Version 4.2

Bluetooth 4.2 is the latest version in all Bluetooth devices, and ActivBeat 2.0 is not left out in adopting it. With it, there is minimal power consumption, and as mentioned earlier, the headphones can last 16 hours of nonstop music while on Bluetooth mode. So, when you are on the move and realize you forgot your charger, you have no worries as long as your headset was fully charged before.

4. Oval over-Ear Design

ActivBeat 2.0 has unique oval over-ear design and the cans are made with premium materials that give you a comfy feel when they sit on your ears. This sleek design makes sure that you do not experience fatigue while you’re wearing the headphones on long trips.

5. Sleek Design and New Colors

ActivBeat 2.0 comes in a sleek design that syncs with your preference of what a modern Noise-cancelling headphone should look like. The coloring is elegant to suit your style. It has rotatable ear cup designs, which makes them exceptional and unique among the headphones in its category.

Other features include the No sweating breathing design that enhances your comfortability while wearing ActivBeat 2.0

ActivBeat 2.0 Customer Reviews

ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headphones are loved for many things. Online customer reviews about this device reveal a huge liking by most of them due to the uniqueness and style. Most reviews are positive, and a number of them expressed their love for the device's ANC capability. While many are impressed, several critical studies expressed dissatisfaction since ActivBeat 2.0 is only available online. However, to many, ActivBeat 2.0 hail as a high-end device that is both affordable and user-friendly in every aspec

Where to Buy ActivBeat 2.0 Headphones

I'm sure you can't wait to have your own set of ActivBeat 2.0 headphones, and I'll help you with that. To make your purchase, all you need is to visit the ActivBeat 2.0 official website, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep in a few days. Good news from the ActivBeat 2.0 sales team is that they're offering a 50% discount on a first-come-first-served basis. Enjoy it while it lasts! Oh! Did I mention that there is free delivery?

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