Technology in Sport (Soccer Ball)

Raphael Jefferson Hertanto


Early Days Ball And The Material

In the history, people like to kicking a ball or something like a ball. South American Indians were known to use a light elasticized ball. However; rubber was not to be practically manufactured until a few thousand years later.

According to legend and history, the first ball are using the human heads, stitched up cloth, animal and human skulls to pig or cow bladders.

During the Ts'in and Han Dynasties (255 BC-220 AD), the Chinese played 'tsu chu' (football), in which animal-skin balls were dribbled through gaps in a net stretched between two poles.


In the previous, the footballs were made out of inflated leather and rubber.Differences in footballs created since this rule came into effect has been to do with the material used in their creation.

Footballs design are changed over time. During medieval times balls were normally made from an outer shell of leather filled with cork shavings. Another method of creating a ball was using animal bladders for the inside of the ball making it inflatable and this design was not used in 19th century that footballs developed into what a football looks like today.

Comfort, Weight and Efficiency

The comfort for the previous ball design are not really good, because the ball are heavy and very pain if the ball hit the player's head.

The ball also attrached the water when the raining happen. This made the ball heavier and difficult to control. This made the ball was not efficient if the player using this ball to play.

Current Technology


FIFA is the world football organization that make a soccer ball standard. The football is made of synthetic and waterproof material. It is more lighter, save and durable than the beginnings.


Right now, the people are using the synthetic material and waterproof for the soccer ball. Soccer ball are more complex than the past. Most of modern foot ball are consist of 12 regular pentagonal and 20 regular hexagonal pattern that positioned in the ball.


The benefit using the synthetic and waterproof material for the soccer ball are easier for the player to play the ball when raining happening on the match. If the balls are not waterproof, the water can easily attracted by the ball and this can make the ball heavier.

The benefit using the synthetic leather ball or rubber ball because the ball are more cheaper then using the leather because the leather are produced in little amount.

Weight, Comfort and Efficiency

Right now, the ball is lighter than the beginning because the ball are made and designed waterproof. In the beginning, if the player play the ball in the rain, the ball will be heavier than the player play when no rain in the match. This can make the player difficult to control the ball.


In instance, the people is more easier because the ball is more lighter and waterproof.

Technological Advances


Think towards the future, in the year 2034 the ball would be made with Nano Fiber material because the material is more strong and very light.

Biggest Technological Advance That Change From The Beginning

From the beginning, the ball are very different from now. Before, they used the human skull and start to make the ball from the rubber and animal leather. Because the rubber is heavy, they tried to change the ball and they try to make the ball from synthetic material.

They also put the GPS chip inside the ball and this is more easier for the people to see is the ball out or not.

Improvement Of The Ball On 2024

The ball will not hurt because it is very light and it bounce well. There also a LED light in the ball, so is more easier to see for the player and supporter.

Remained From The Beginning


The shape still same from the beginning. But there are some additional items in the outer area of the ball. For instance, right now, the ball have a pentagonal shape and hexagonal pattern in the ball.

Soccer Rule in 2024


I think, the rule will be same with today but only some additional rules and updated rule. because as we can see, the soccer ball's rule is always be same from 1800s until today and only a little additional rule or rule that erased.