Laura Secord

The War of 1812

Laura Secord is most famous for her 20 mile (32 Kilometer) trek. That's the same as walking across a football field 290 times!

Interesting Fact

Laura Secord wasn't acknowledged for her act of heroism until 1860 (that's 48 years later). She was then awarded by the future king, Edward IIV. She was awarded £100, which is around $11100.00 today.

The Legend of Laura Secord

This is the story as to how Laura Ingersoll Secord saved Canada. Laura Ingersoll Secord was a wife to James Secord who was injured in an earlier battle that she saved him from and took him home to take care of. In June 1813 Laura and James had to billet some of the American officers in their own home. One day Laura Secord over heard the Americans planning an attack against the British and knew that she had to worn James FitzGibbon because her husband was in no shape to do it himself. Laura went on a very long journey to get to FitzGibbon (32 kilometers).Laura took the difficult, indirect path to get to FitzGibbon so that she wouldn't run into any American Settlers.Laura reached FitzGibbon in his headquarters on June 23rd. On June 24th the Americans Attacked but thanks to Laura Ingersoll Secord FitzGibbon was prepared.

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