Surry County eLink

January 2014

Linking Together to Clothe the Community

For families living on a fixed income, food, water, shelter, electricity and medication become the focus, and all other frivolous items fall by the wayside.

There is a place for those in need of shirts, pants, jackets or shoes and can't afford even a few dollars for used items. It's called Grace's Closet and is located in Mount Airy at the Jones Family Resource Center.

Surry eLink students Mackenzy Rosser, Jade Johnson and volunteer Eden Draughn gave their time gathering, transporting, hanging, folding and assisting the clients of Grace's Closet.

Soft Skills...What?

January's skill #1: Communication- This doesn't mean that you have to be a brilliant writer. It does mean that you have to express yourself well by calmly explaining to a team member what you need.