Safe Or Not ?? By : Adrian C. And Daniel M.

Planes by today's standards are revolutionizing transportation as a whole. Improving and changing constantly. New technologies applied to airplanes show that they are the most efficient and safe method of transportation.
Planes are revolutionizing transportation. Transportation is not something to be taken lightly especially with all the risks it comes with. Planes need to be safer, faster, more resistant to extreme conditions, and less risky. Everyone takes a huge chance when they go on a plane. That should change.


A positive of new airplane designs is, "The idea is an unpiloted and reusable hyper sonic plane." (Bird 2). This is great idea because it will improve the efficiency and safety of the plane. It will be unpiloted which means it will fly on its own. That will benefit many people because many accidents happen due to the absence of a pilot. This will help so many people by giving them a sense pf security and safety and make transportation faster and easier. The plane will now where to go and what to do in case of an emergency.
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Although only 761 people die on airplanes every year and 30,800 die in car accidents per year, people still feel safer driving than flying in an airplane due to danger and caution.


For Example, many people are scared of riding airplanes due to terrorist attacks and plane malfunctions that are overexaggerated by the media. "Russia Plane Crash: Bomb investigation could take weeks, reports say." (Landay 1). Many things can happen when riding a plane. It could malfunction, something could happen to the pilot, a terrorist could take over the plane, or something could break, or finally it could be attacked or bombed. When planes crash they have devastating effects that can take its toll on the people on the plane and the people below where the plane might land when crashing.
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Although airplanes have their pros and cons they are unique as in the sense where nothing can do things quite like them at this point in time.


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