Wildcats Weekly

Friday, October 9

Language Arts

In Language Arts we are working on cumulative projects. Students are building websites around characterization or themes found in the novel. They are also working on vocabulary charts and a passage of the week.

There have been some changes in assessment dates due to spirit week, test dates for other classes, and the PBIS celebration.

Updated schedule for end of quarter due dates:

Tuesday, October 13: Vocabulary Quiz

Wednesday, October 14: Passage of the Week #4 is due

Monday, October 19: End of Quarter Test (this replaces the Case 21 test).

Thursday, October 22: The Outsiders Projects are due

For the end of quarter test, the students will be reading passages and answering text-based questions about the academic concepts that we have been studying, as well as answering questions that show understanding of The Outsiders novel.

If students need corrections:

Test corrections will be Wednesday, October 20.

Project Corrections will be take-home and due by 9 pm on October 25.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we are starting our unit on Absolutism and Enlightenment. The students have a political cartoon due Tuesday for first and second periods and Wednesday for sixth and seventh. The power point and instructions are located on the website.


We are currently finishing up our power and work lab. Any student who has not turned in their equations open notebook quiz will be deducted points starting Monday. We will have a review day on Tuesday for our test Wednesday. The test will be on types of energies, circuits, simple machines, and equations. There will also be review questions from the first forces of motion test.


We are finishing up fraction operations this week and will quiz on Monday(7+) or Tuesday(7). Next week we will be reviewing all rational numbers ahead of the unit 2 test at the beginning of the week of October 19th.

Upcoming Events

PBIS Celebration- October 15

Early Release- October 16

Spirit Week- October 19-23

Pep Rally- October 22

End of Quarter- End of Quarter

No School (Teacher Workday)- October 26