War of 1812


What were the long lasting changes of the War of 1812?

Without the War of 1812 Canada would probably be part of the U.S today. The War is the reason Canada is its own country. The Canadiens fought for their land and won, which means they weren't forced to be part of the U.S. The changes were so long lasting that it is still that way today.

Who as affected by the War of 1812?

The people affected by this war were the Canadiens, the British, the First Nations, and the U.S. The U.S started the war and attacked Canada.The Canadiens and British weren't very nice to the First Nations. Yet the First Nations fought along side the Canadiens. This was very odd because the Canadiens had never really been nice or fair to them. Even after they won the war, the Canadiens didn't give the First Nations any credit.

Why did the War of 1812 happen?

The U.S was mad at Britain and wanted to attack them. Yet they were too lazy to make the journey all the way to Britain, so they just attacked its colony. Canada. When they attacked Canada, the First Nations, and the Canadiens fought together against the U.S. They won. So then after Canada won the war, the U.S made a border saying your Canada and we are the U.S. Today they are two different countries.

Other Historically Significant Events

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- Expulsion of the Acadians

-The Great Migration


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